Purple Cow Indicanja

Does anyone have any experience using this, is it true only water from seed to harvest?

It is made in Wisconsin and is a “living soil”. I think they are maybe using a little hype to market the product. I am at this over 50 yrs, have made my own soil, can get from seed to flower with water only BUT, and it is a BIG BUT, that doesn’t mean I grew the best crop ever with it. Maybe just the easiest as I only had to ph and water.
Many of “The reviews” complain of gnats. I am not willing to introduce or play with a product that is Market Untested. Time will tell. Some will get rid of the gnats and amend the soil to produce a better end product but it is hard to outdo those that have passes the test of time. Caution to all who seek the easy way out, just caution