Pruning during flower stage

Curious question–how long should I continue pruning fans as my White Widow and DeeLite Autos progress in bloom stage? And how aggressive should I be? Or should I just stow the clippers for now and wait til harvest?


Put them down and slowly back away

I agree with the first post stop cutting. I don’t see anything on there that needs cutting or pruning. Let them grow and only cut the yellowing leaves as they are done with providing food the buds. Looks too late to do any supercropping and I’m guessing their autos.
I prune out a hand full of leaves every day from my garden, but my plants are 5’ tall bushes.

Oh, get those loose leaves out of the pot and keep your area cleaned up. Get rid of those old leaves lying about as they might draw bugs or mold.
Clean grow room happy growing plants.