Pro advice on this harvest

This is one of 2 plants from my first grow. I want to know what expert growers can spot at first glance.

The White Widow got bud rot and was harvested immediately. This one, DeeLite Auto, needed more space. I gently pulled apart the buds and saw all those green leaves.

Some trichomes are cloudy. Some might be amber. I am ready to harvest this one and take a break!


I don’t see anything wrong I see a little bit of foxtailing on the bud tip maybe that’s about it. Give you props you did a good job. DM me or check my site out I breed cannabis sell seeds at a really reasonable price. Autoflowers from the time you put the seed in the ground 7 weeks you get a harvest

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I already harvested them a while back cured & smoking

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Hmm. my first reactions was… it looks dead or very well matured lol. Fat nugs… a little foxtail going on the one. Possibly was thinking of re vegging? (Based on the lil green leaves you pointed out.) What did you see?

Yeah I seen the same definitely went to go reveg itself and that’s for sure if I accidentally but they said it was their first grow correct pretty damn good for the first grow just left it in the oven too long.

noticed a lot of ignoring , i guess the rumor is true