Princess stinky fast fewm

So i got some fast feminised seeds and started them
On 16.5 hours cause last time i started them on 18 and i put them outdoors they started to flower. So i figured start them on 16.5 and when i put them out they should keep vegging. But before i even put them out about a month in they started to flower. Is this normal?

Like when i put them out last time they ended up reverting back to veg so i tryed to start them on less hours and they flowered again

I’m sorry, I can’t help you on that. The same happened to me, premature flowering.
May I ask, what happened with the plants that revegged?

Those were a different strain they grew really big the biggest ive ever grown but i got amphids at the end so it prolonged the flowering.

What did you do start them inside to put out?

I was growing white widow i had to cut off all the growth that had started flowering as it started to grow back. It took awhile but at the end it was all tops

This time i just kept them indoors and put them on 12/12 there really small right now. Ill try the next round and make sure the time is at 18 hours

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Hello ive started 8 more princess stinky and two free sutos i got so out of ten seeds i got 9 living on 18 hrs of light

Last time i started some and they started budding under 16 hrs of light but im hoping i have better luck this time cause im gonna be ordering seeds pretty wuick

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