Pressing for the first time! Help

Whats up canna fam! I need help. Just got my rosin press in today. And I have questions… at what temp should I start at and how long to press. The default temp is 225 I think

Any help or advice is appreciated! Thanks fam!


Check out YouTube, they have really good videos. Probably one there for your model.

Happy pressing

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I found and watched a few already. Preciate it fam!

@Dabbindeebo it depends on what you’re pressing and what results you want. Can you give me a bit more information on what you’re trying to do? Such as are you using fresh flower, frozen flower, kief, etc…?

@Dabbindeebo the more moisture that’s in what you’re pressing the higher the temp you want to use. The less moisture there is the lower the temp.

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