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Premature flowering!

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Premature flowering!






I have some photoperiod plants which I started indoors and are now in a small greenhouse. I moved them outside when we had 13 1/2 hours of sun, near the end of March. Well, that must have been a mistake, for they are blooming already.
What do I do now? Can’t move them back inside, no room.
So will they reveg? Does that mean the flowers will disappear? Have I ruined them? Will I still get a decent crop, quantity or quality? Help!!AqwUoR4ipzcQgdQD8LlRycRryjFC7A!AqwUoR4ipzcQgdQEIYZTLa5iMGd7-Q

How long were they in veg? I dont really think it will be an issue. No sense in making things more difficult, just let them grow.


6 weeks in veg. We’ve had many dark rainy days. I wonder if that could have done it. Thanks for your encouraging words.

Bump for more help, please?

They appear to still be in flower. No weird reveg leaves. But one leaf stalk with pistils! I guess I should feed them flower nutes?563 592 593 594 591

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So here we are now.
Back to flower and headed to a finale.
What I get is what I get.
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