Pot size to cut males

Hey out there !! I have some regular photos to plant this year, and there is a space problem…I need to keep the plants under light until sexed…I have a 2×2.3 space…Real-estate is limited to me…I’m figuring up to 6 weeks for sexting…So I’m asking what is the smallest pot that I can grow pot until sexed…Sharing the light with
autos…Then outside to garden…
Thanks for whatever comes my way


@Wildbill you can use I gallon fabric pots like I do and keep them under 20/4 to 24 hours low light intensity (around 300-400 ppfd) at the canopy to keep them short so they don’t stretch in the dark and just trim them up when they get too bushy. The autos will stretch a bit to the light but they’ll have enough ppfd at the canopy to produce a decent yield if you keep them in the center of the tent under the light and put the vegging photos on the outside of the light.

@Wildbill if you’re into advanced gardening techniques you can always make a grafted mother too.

Get a good plant for root stock and graft all of the plants you want to keep onto it and once the grafts take you can toss the plants so you have 1 mother with x amount of strains on it to take clones from.

Frankenplant moms are a breeders best friend when they have limited space. Lol

Grafting. Now…that sounds interesting ! Going to try that. Thanks.

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U could grow them. In a 32oz cup if u count the nodes up from. The bottom the fifth node u can sex her by looking close at the nodes :ok_hand:

Thanks for the knowledge…
Happy Grows

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