Pot Size for Autos

Hi guys. I’m going to start an LSD autoflower grow in my 4x4 tent. Should I use 4 gal. or 5 gal. I’d like to get 6 plants in there this time if I could. Thanks!



I have 4 x 4 tent with 3 autos in 3g fabric pots.

They are topped and i have done some lst on one for experimentation. They are 4 weeks from seed.

Here is a pic for reference. Depending on your light coverage you should easily be able to get six maybe more even with larger pots.

Hope that helps.

I intend on growing 6 maybe 8 next run after seeing how these do.


Best I can see, the biggest advantage to 3g vs 5g is the 3g will be more likely to limit vertical stretch.

Overall yield probably close enough to give overall advantage to a couple more plants and all of em in 3s. The enhanced convenience of the smaller pots is worth it. I just chopped the smallest plant I’ve ever grown, a blueberry auto in a 3 that only grew to 17.5” tall, but it still gave me 5oz wet. That’s a solid Oz. dry. In a 4x4, running autos in 3s, your yield will likely be limited by your lights.


I vote 3 gal haha. For some autos


I run autos in 3 and 5 gal and don’t notice much difference. 5 gal does make a difference if growing organic as you’ll probably need one less top dress. The nice thing about 3 gal fabric though is it is almost impossible to overwater them as they dry so quick.

So for me… Autos 3 or 5. Photos 7 gal.

Blueberry auto 3 gal - 8th week flower (I had to thin some flower out as we have had rain every day and its every thing I can do to maintain 60%rh.

Blueberry auto 3 gal

Blueberry auto 3 gal

Cream auto 3 gal - 7.5 week in flower

Cream auto 3 gal - even the cream starting to color up.

Like I said, in terms of pot size, 3 works great and very easy to maintenance… No difference in quality but you might keep a couple more laterals if you go with a 5 gal.

The next photos - Just got topped and pruned. At 34 days from seed in 7 gal pots. Gowing to flower in two weeks or so. In a 5 gal I would probably need to flip them within a week and risk some Hermes due to sexual immaturity. So photos definitely bigger pot for longer veg for me.


I will be using 5 gallon grow bags.


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Though I forgot to save a link, I just yesterday saw an article where they did the research. The upshot was, for indoor growing of autoflowers, where you really can’t control the timing, optimal was a three gallon (11l) pot. A five just gave more stretch, likely running out of vertical, AND making for serious maturity imbalance from the one spire above the rest. Your cola might be post mature and lower stuff not yet plumped up. Three gallon pots and mild tying or use of a net was most efficient for yield and evenly matured (and hence even flavor) throughout.

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That’s interesting thanks! I just planted 6 seedlings in 3 gallon pots, also am doing a grow diary here.