Please Help! What seems to be the problem

What seems to be the problem here?
transplanted this Bubba Kush From 34th street seeds at the end of last week in promix 420 mix
added 6.2 ph water and this is how it looks today!!
What do I do?

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Almost looks like. Light bleaching

Not sure but it doesn’t look like it’s affecting the new growth…just your earlier set of leaves. Maybe just shock from transplant…just keep an eye on it. Shouldn’t need to water but a few ounces a week at this point.

Does your Promix 420 soil come with nutrients already mixed in? And what are you using for nutrients during veg and flower?

Here’s a chart for leaf deficiencies going forward. You don’t need to do anything now…just watch the new growth for problems and follow your nutrient feed schedule when your plant is ready for it.

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No nutrients. just plain 420 mix
I would like to do an organic growth so I don’t really know what to use.
I was thinking of a compost tea to start!

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