Please help on my very 1st grow

Gentlemen, 1 of my 3 girls in veg is showing this leave discoloration which concerns me. All 3 plants are the same distance from the light.(16 inches recommended by Vipar-Spectra) and watered and fed all the same way. Is it a nutrient deficiency or what??? Other than that all 3 are doing great. I totally will appreciate ANY suggestions. Thanx a million. SensiLeave|374x500

Are they all the same strain? Pics? How far into Veg are they? I’m sure there are other questions many will ask. But those are my first thoughts.

Are they all using the same nutes, medium, schedule, etc.


Did you PH the water runoff? If ph is good may be a calcium deficiency or possibly potassium. What nutrients are you using?

Mark, thanx for your response, the last couple days have been quite a learning curve for me. I had been using tap water which is 5.5 pH. I now am using RO water. The RO water now is 7.0. I have found that adding a tad of the tap water with the RO gives me a good 6.5 for watering. My stinking run off was 4.5. OUCH. I have been at our local go to guy and his shop which is pretty much where all the local growers go for their nutrients etc… Thanx Goodness cannabis are forgiving gals and they did not die. I hope to report that in a couple days all will be well. I was scrambling for a pH tester and two trips to the store for coaching before I could respond. Thanx Again.

Thanx Dys, Yes all the same strain. Sinsemilla from seed. 6 to 8 weeks in veg, however I knew nothing about pH and am working on that now. I’m lucky my ignorance didn’t kill them. My local go to guy said before he sells me nutrients I need to get this pH thing under control and go from there. I have a pH tester, pH up & pH down, & epsom salt. Hoping I can nurse them back and flower them out down the road. Either way, a big beginner lesson.
Thank You Sir

Lol…I could write a book of lessons learned from my 1st grow. You said it all though–these ladies are very forgiving. This is definitely the right place to be for good advice and support.

All I know Dys is that they are not dead yet, and still not in the clear. I am hopeful now that I am using the correct pH water.Also, because they are from seed, (not feminized) I am not clear if they are all girls. Darn this learning curve but it’s part of the process.

Hey brother, the very 3 girls you helped me salvage are now in flower and it is exciting.

Thanx Dyspneic!

They look great! Maybe a little nitrogen.
Welcome by the way.
Happy growing. :four_leaf_clover::fire::four_leaf_clover:
P.S. pH is very important

I have very soft tap water. I have checked it with my Master test kit for aquariums. Do I need a PH meter, or can I rely on the water I use to determine this?
I don’t have the numbers in front of me at the moment. I just know it’s very soft as I have to adjust it for the fish I keep.

Hey John, I am in flower with 3 girls I almost killed by using too low pH water. I nursed them back to health with reverse osmosis water but ALSO Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect technology where you can take ANY water, with low or high pH and simply mix the nutrients in your water and the pH comes out perfect for your plants. That’s what I did and am also in my very 1st grow and in a few days I am going to harvest! Good luck dude!

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It depends on the medium you use too. Some self adjust their Ph. But you should have a meter. A good one. I suggest Aprea. PH water safe range for cannibus needs to be between 5.8-6.7
Higher or Lower can create irreversible problems. I.E. nutrient lockout etc

Good luck, happy growing :four_leaf_clover::fire::four_leaf_clover:

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