Please Help Me Begin Growing

So attached are my pictures of my babies. They have been in dirt since April 6 and I think they are in preflower mode. Which scares me because I thought they should be taller, bushier. Every time I place them outside, bugs come, which is why you see the small tracks on the leaves. Some leaves that I saw the tracks on I removed some I let stay. My first question is: how do I stop her from flowering too soon? How do I stop the pest (she’s gonna stay inside for now)? There are three seeds that grew out of the four, but the third one is not as tall as the other two which will be a problem when it’s to to flower as they will be on different grow cycles. How can I fix this without killing her? She’s indoors now, she sleeps at night and I turn on the lights during the day. Is she getting too much light? Not enough? I want to get this right, I’m in Hawaii and it’s expensive to buy and I want to continue growing for my own supply, how many plants will I need if I consume about a 20g+ a month? My other seeds died out and I’m still recovering from their loss. I want to do this right. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide. P.S don’t let the doctor fool you, though I am a doctor not of science of education so any guidance you provide is much helpful.


Welcome greenhorn, I’ll let the other experienced growers answer, but what kind of seeds did you use regular,feminized, auto’s if they are auto I don’t think there is much u can do to stop them from flowering, auto’s grow much quicker then others in a very short period of time unlike regular of fems they have roughly 2 months of veg mode an flowering can last anywhere from 8 to 10 weeks some 13 weeks hope that helps alil for!!


The seeds I have are feminized auto flower. White Widow auto flower.

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Seems to me and I’m no expert that you need lots of sun , or inside in a 12/12 with even cfls .

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12 hours of total darkness , more light during the other 12 . They’ll come back .

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Thanks for your comment! I did that but that’s when the bugs come. What does your acronym stand for? I am looking at purchasing a spider farmer sf 1000 for added light.

CFL’s are fluorescent lights but if you get the spider is perfect , let’s hope for the best , but darkness needs to be a must .

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If they started flowering light schedule -12/12 , otherwise is 18/6 until they show the first sign of flowering.

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I noticed you said they were AUTO…Autoflower will flower no matter how much light you give them. They flower based on hormones, not light schedules…sorry
Lights…spider is a good light but with eh sale on amazon of the viperspectra xs (their newest line), for $100-$200…cannot beat that

20 gr a month…figure an oz a month…you should get there on 4 plants at min 3gal container. Figure 3 months to go from seed to jar for smoking / edible / tincture. Perpetual…do the math so you have 4 plants maturing every month. Drying alone is usually 7-10 days and curing is minimum 2-4 weeks to mellow it.

You would need the larger light for that area coverage. You could squeeze by with the 1000 series as it covers 2x2 area but being in Hawaii, you got some great sunshine for growing…Growing autos in smaller containers allows us to move them easily so you can stretch the photon (light) coverage. so many hours out in the sun, so many under the lights inside

Bugs - if you have leaf attackers, homemade mist sprays of soap, vinegar, hot sauce or other alternatives should keep the critters away. If soil born, you need a bug solution for the soil…let me know, I actually make an organic bug solution, mold killer/preventer, residue cleaner (this is only for the soil/substrate)

Autolfowers will bud with a minimum of 5 hours of light. They can take 24hrs light. I run my autos at 18-20 lights on…I think (and it is just a thought) that a few hours of sleep helps them. The more light, the bigger the buds. The larger the root, the bigger the fruit. I grow autos in 2/3 and 5 gal containers
Here is a pic of my g13…as big as a 2 liter bottle

she is in a 3 gal bag


Thank you for your comment. I’ll follow through and hopefully have some beautiful buds as pictured in your post!

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Good morning all, Praying that you are enjoying the warming weather.

@MDBuds & @Mrb53004 I want to try a grow a stealth outdoor grow. What do you suggest, I have OGK, JCK, BBG, Magnum , Watermelon Zittles, & Alaskan purple all autos.

Do I germinate them the same way when do I put them outside??

Thanks, pretty sure I should be germinate seeds soon. Only want to try 2 seeds. Lol

for stealth…you want LOW GROWING plants so lean towards the Indica dominant strains like Alaskan…Odor…all will smell and that is that but bubblegum is one of the least smelly plants on your list. Germinate as you normally would but TRANSITION for outdoors…start exposing the seedling to outside for a couple / few hours a day…gradually increasing exposure to the sun. I usually place mine outside at night and bring in around 8 or 9am,then 10 or 111 and after 3 days I leave out till 2…Once I make 2pm, they get transplanted to their outdoor containers / garden spot

How much peroxide do I add to shot glass to soak my seeds

Mike, How do you keep your auto buds from getting airy an fluffy from the full sun at maturity?? Even sunburned?? Even out in spring 70s degrees sun…Do you think autos are more sensitive to the southern sun than photos?? My last posting I’ve got pictures of an og kush with the above systems…At present I just outsided a early flower sativa…Hoping for a better outcome with the sativa…Trying to keep everything in the fenced garden along with tomatoes & other veges…Texas…I surely thought that in early spring I could finnish off some autos in full sun…Second summer harvest would be under shade tree with partial sun…My goal is to veg plants under light 20hrs until early flower then outdoors to finnish…Up until this forum, I’ve learned almost everything from old-school hit & miss,let me try this approach…Luckily now I can get advice from very experienced growers…

I don’t. Once they go outside, mother nature is impossible to overcome. I annot escape the fact that the desert is less than 10% rh and the temps are easily over 110F.
Airy, tight…I am more interested in the terpine development than the bud. I only get tight buds in my tent and early spring harvesting outdoors. Once we get to june and forward, I take what I can get. Either way, they are a gosh darn whole bunch better than the junk coming out of the dispensaries…and a lot cheaper too
Sunburn - I built a shade trellis (like the nursery stores have) on schedule 40 pvc. I take it down every year and put it back up for summer. I shade from about 11 or 12 to about 5…I add silica, kelp, molasses, tea, water the outside of the pots…anything to try and keep cool
I tried wet towels around the bottom of the plants (like a much cover) but they just baked into bricks…I have taken squash and pumpkin leaves and wrapped buds…I do this to my tomato fruit to stop them from scalding…Was not much of a difference in the bud as the end…Oh well

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if the h2o2 is 3%, I add 1/3. If 5 %…maybe a 1/4. I only soak for 12 hours

I’m with you on flavor and the high…The og mentioned is extremely full of crystal…Desent flavor…Nice high to boot…Taste test from dry…Looking forward to finnished cure…Pots like Cheetos…Regular–tight buds–small bag…Puff–airy buds–big bag…Same weight…Thanks for sharing…
Dropped 2 Lemon autos in water Wednesday nght…Thursday in starter pucks…Saturday I got green popping up…
Guessing fresh seeds…Happy…
You crack me up…HAHA…Your so Old School, Mike…Years of experience inhaling knowledge…Out of the box stuff…BRAVO


Check the second picture and leafs . Look for scaring on the leafs.It appears you have a small Pest problem that are insects living in the leaf. Press the leaf with your fingers and squash the insects before it is a bigger problem. I just studied this myself. So I wanted to share what I learned from the article.