Please grade my tent setup

I would like the community to grade my setup. Im super new to growing and dont have anyone I can ask aside from you lovely people.

Welcome…not sure if any pics came through. Sometimes new members cannot upload pics until they have been assimilated…The Borg will assimilate you now… :laughing:

Sorry, couldn’t resist. Tell us what you got…
Tent - size, manufacturer
humidifier / dehumidifier
containers (how many / what sizes)
substrate - soil, clay, hydro?
if soil - type -
anything else?
lastly - what seeds / plants


Nope 0 pics uploaded. I I’ll try to paint a picture with words

I have a Mars Hydro 4 x 4 tent

2 A/C Infiniti 6" fans 1 in 1 out with equal pressure

1 Honeywell 8" oscilating fan on ground level
1 Honeywell 8" oscilating fan at light ballast


My inline fan has a duct running straight to the A/C vent. Inside tent temps stay consistently at 73-77° F

Inline fan is ran to a port at bottom of tent. Outline is ran through a top port.

Digital screen Humidifier on floor inside tent. rH flucuates between 40 - 60% humidifier is ran at setting 3 of 4.

I’ll keep trying to upload pics

Soil used is Mother earth coco with perlite

Pure organic worm castings 1-0-0
Down to Earth vegatable bloom 4-4-4

Use a liquid pH tester so ballparked around 6.1 pH runoff test

Strains are Wedding Cake, Ice cream cake and Faith

Recieved as clones and now stand 16 - 20" tall all female

Currently in 1.7 L plastic pots. Switching to a 5 gal bag Friday using happyfrog ocean

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As a Greenie, you sure have dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s…That is a desirable setup
Once the lights are on, you can see how the temps and Rh hold as the plants mature
If you go them as clones, the have some age and if rooted, fed and stable, start your topping / fimming / training now.
All Indica dominant so they should max out around 5 feet but be sure to measure distance from light to where the top of the plants will be and figure 12-18 inches space

Good luck and Happy Growing…

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Mike, thank you. When I get free from work I will upload more pics. Need to figure out how to resize them. Thinking about adding another Mars hydro TSL 2000 inside for more coverage. I know im overloaded with plants. 5 total inside

you just make it with 5 gal pails…25cu ft
The TSL 2k is rectangular while the TSW is square
IF YOU ARE THINKING for a future larger tent, go with the L
Otherwise keep in mind trying to fit a pair in a 4’square area…
watch the dimensions
I used a L series in my tent but I had 32sq ft - a 4 x 8 area…
it covered half the tent in width, 1/4 in length…I paired a seeder and another with it so I had 3 lights on 1 half of the tent
I put an 8bar 650w Ir, UV, 3112 lights on the other side. I had the driver cables extended to 6 footers and mounted them on TOP of the tent (keeps the heat out)

you got a killa setup planned…don’t have to drink the ocean you know

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nice set up there, not sure but the light looks a bit too close to the top of your girls, but maybe its just the angle.?

oh and welcome! you are in the right place!

I’m sure they are if you noticed. It’s a dimmable light set at 50% in that photo. I raised it up several inches and set the light intensity to 75%

Should I raise it up all the way and crank to 100%?

Not during veg. I’d crank it about 70% and during flower I crank it up all the way about half way through. As far as height, 12-18 inches above the canopy is where I keep mine. Too much height and the light will be too weak and plants will stretch. Too close and you could fry the girls. Just my 2 cents.

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@TheALLcNi you made a great setup that will work for some time and will make you happy. My only comment to you would be remove the line from your house vent to your tent, it is not really necessary and will make your grow area look better. . I grow in one of my bedrooms, top vent like you, and have a 4x4 and 3x3 in there. Both intake from one floor tent hole and exhaust thru the tent roof which creates good air flow in the tent and the room. I don’t seem to need but one exhaust fan for each tent, 8 inch in the large and 6 in the smaller. Also fewer fans mean less noise as they not that quiet. :wink:

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@TheALLcNi forgot to say you may want to add a carbon filter because when your crop flowers it is going to smell in your house.