Plants turning Is hermaphrodite?

I noticed all 3 of my plants are developing what look like seeds. I’m not sure what caused it but it’s very disappointing. Any thoughts?16344417987752568853396366202311|236x500

Stress and genetics can cause them to herm

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The large bit on the right looks like a female calyx to me. Can you take a pic of one of those that’s still attached to the plant?

The other bits do look like an immature bean. If you’re in the late stages of flower, that can happen under perfect conditions as a last-ditch effort by the plant to preserve its genetics before it dies.

If you’re not at the end, like @Daddy1971 Reed says, it’s a sign of stress - probably due to heat or light intensity.

The bit you pulled off though I don’t think was the source of the pollen. Pics of the (entire) flowers would help to diagnose.

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Is it still good to smoke? Can one plant cause the others to herm? The only thing that I can think of that would have caused stress is the temperature in the lights. At night time the temperatures were down to about 63 at the lowest. But I figured cold temperatures would be OK during flowering

I don’t think they were originally hermaphrodite Now someone has brought that to my attention they have self pollinated

Plants are day 34 of flowering. They are female plants and it is a female calyx. I pulled one off and opened it up and It looked like a seed starting to develop. Hopefully it is a immature bean and not starting to develop seeds. I don’t think it’s herm. If anything they self pollinated due to some stress. I can’t take pic right now because lights don’t come back on until 8pm. Here’s a pic from earlier


Yes they will pollenate each other and yes you will have seeds sorry it took so long to get back to you

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Male plants are worthless except for pollination. Hermies will have female and male and get seeds and it is lower quality but smoke-able / edible


my wife told me the very same thing!


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