Plants came up but not growing well

My sour diesel auto’s germinated and came up fine ,now it’s been a week and they are not growing very fast.They are only 1inch tall with only first set of leaves.The stems are very strong,the color is a light green.I used a organic soil and it drains well.I give the only 2 oz. of water every other day.Haven’t grown since early 80’s,never had a problem back then.HELP.I am in a grow tent for the first time.

Hello friend. I think maybe it’s drowning the roots. organic soil holds moisture well, two ounces would be about once a week. be aware of the humidity and temperature of the tent, air circulation and these things, they make a difference. also see the amount of light you are putting on top of it

Hey man, welcome.
I agree. You may have overwatered. On average I give them about 1oz every 3 days and light no stronger than 25-30%. High rh as seedlings. If they completely stopped growing but the color is fine. Don’t water anymore until they need it. Weed is very good at telling you when it’s thirsty and full.
Again, welcome to the forum! Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Also, this is just what works for me. Everyone may have different opinions or preferences.

Happy growing :fire:

I agree that 2oz every other day may be too much. What size is the pot? Seedlings/early veg get some of their water intake through their leaves due to high humidity. How is your humidity and your soil temperature? Welcome and happy growing!

Thanks for the help will cut down on water.Plants are in 2 gal.pot.humidity is 40to60 ,grow tent is 2x2 x4.I am getting soil meters for water/ph/soil temp.

I have found when I put a smaller lady in a bigger pot that the roots fill out before foliage spreads. This could be one factor affecting your seedling. In this instance, my opinion is to have a heat mat under your pot or make sure your soil is warm…70-75 F. I also believe that higher humidity (60%) is good for the girls while in veg. Hope they recover and happy growing!