Planting germinated seeds,

Curious as to whats folks opinion is being I’ve done it both ways but been having issues lately. I have narrowed it down to me reusing previously used soil that was not amended. ( my mistake) so back to topic . Once seeds are planted is it better to place them under light or not light while waiting for them to sprout out of the soil?

After I plant my germinated seeds (only needs to be about 1/4 inch deed and lightly covered), I cover them with a plastic dome to keep the humidity high. I use a 1 gal water jug cut in half to make 2 domes and spray the insides lightly with a little water…re-use them next grow.

As long as the soil is between 70 and 85 degrees or so, you probably don’t need the lamp until they pop up…but it won’t hurt anything as long as it’s low wattage. I use a 24 watt cheapie from Walmart at this stage…blue/red grow light.

Mine usually break the ground in 2-4 days following this method.

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I have as much success planting directly like bluejean does, only difference is I pop my beans in glass of filtered de-chlorinated water and plant in Dixie cup (blacked out and clear, so I can see root progression) as soon as the bean splits and little root shows. The orientation (pointy end down) is important. I also use a 24" 4 bulb T5 with 2 daylight and 2 UV bulb for usually the first 1 to 2 weeks after emergence above ground (2 days usually). Then into 5gal airpots under the big lights. I also remove the domes after the 1st true leaves show.

I do germinate first in a glass of distilled water…then plant. That’s why I said “After I plant my germinated seeds” above because I do germinate first. I have better luck than just directly planting.

I’m sorry, I misread, I mainly do it right when they first pop just because papertowel method has been iffy for me and I’m too clumsy to handle those delicate taproots. Getting old sucks, but it is better than the alternative.

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But when to you put it under light? Once seed id in the dirt or after it sprouts from dirt. I been having issue with soil drying out because of light im using a 50 watt grow buld , so while soil is drying up I keep watering and have been drowning the seeds. So should I wait til it sprouts to put under light ?

Thanks for the tip I really appreciate it.

Yeah, every day above ground is a good one :grinning:

I tried paper towel method back in 70’s when I was a teenager and it worked…but like you, I’m all thumbs when it comes to little tap roots.

So now I just drop the seeds in a small glass of distilled water. Usually after about 24 -48 hours, they all sprout tails. The I dump the water through a small handheld strainer. It catches the seeds and the water runs through. Next I use a plastic spoon to get them out of the strainer and put them in the hole I made with the tail pointing down. I’m always afraid of crushing them with tweezers.

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Well, the soil needs to be at least 70 degrees, preferably a little higher for the seed to work it’s way to the surface. Sometimes the light can help warm the soil and help the seed to pop. If your soil is good, then don’t use the light until they pop. After they pop, put them under your light. Just make sure there’s no heat on them.

For watering, after you put the germinated seed in the soil and cover it lightly, just mist the area lightly where the seed is planted with a spray bottle and then put a plastic dome over that spot to keep humidity high. Spray inside the plastic dome first.

After the plant sprouts, remove the dome and mist the plant and soil around it very lightly. Don’t pour water around the plant at this point. The sprout only has a tiny tap root and you’ll drown it. Sprouts feed through their leaves when they are young and starting to develop roots, so mist only for the first week or two and let the plant get started.

I guess my question is when do you start watering your plants by pouring water directly around the plant? And when you water your young plants, are you watering where the water gets on the seedling’s stem?

If so, water the soil further away from your seedling so that water doesn’t soak the stem. Watering a few inches away from your new seedling in a circle will cause the little plants roots to grow longer as they search for water. In the first couple weeks until the plant has a root structure, keep watering the soil around the plant every couple days but gradually water further away from the plant to keep encouraging the roots to grow as they search for water.

And you only need to use 4 to 8 ounces of water to start with on the soil. Be careful not to over water at this stage.

Welcome to the forum :grinning:


Thank You for the forum greeting, I’ve been around since last November. You pretty much described the same method I use, just better description than mine. Looking forward to the day of gardening freedom.

not sure if you can see but here is my set up now cups are on heat mat with a Tupperware cover under cups matt is at 83 degrees I think thats a bit warm but its build humidity in cups for sure.

Awesome response, yeah I way over watered them lol. I know have a spray bottle and a 3 way moisture, ph,and light reader. Yes I was watering at the stem, ill move away from stem and go from there

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We are getting old just wiser lol

I could have taken that photo, except for the heat mat (heat is in abundance where I live and humidity) and I put clear cups inside the red ones, so I can peak at root growth, totally determines transplant timing for me. I transplanted too soon sometimes in the past.

I might try that next go round

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I’ve tried glass of water but was scared to leave it more then 2 days. Never got a tail. Maybe water was to cold. I use r.o. water.