Planted 6 Fast Banners Fem Photos

Put six in the dirt April 1st. Growing outdoor/greenhouse in bags with living soil.

It seems like 4 have flipped!!!
I’m in the north Georgia mountains. We have had some stretches of limited sun. We get a lot of rain here. Not too hot. 60/70 with an occasional 80s.

Two of my plants are questionable. Are these males?

I’ve grown Banners before but always in a tent. In that case, I managed the flip with the lights.

Should I be seeing a flip now?

So, my two questions are:
Do I have males in the bunch?
Should I be seeing a flip?

No, that’s a fat calyx with 2 pistils…female! Congrats!

Also, they may try to reveg if they are photos as the light is getting longer. They will get ugly, funky growth coming out of the buds as they do. It’ll take 2 or 3 weeks but then they will grow again, until the days shorten and they go back into bud. How long is your growing period? October or November? Or do you get September rains like I do in Vancouver? Just wondering as the time to go back to reveg and then back to flower again, do you have time to bud them before fall rains, or should you bring them in to finish? This is exactly how I ended up buying my tent and first light! Budding in late May!


Thanks for the quick response.

Actually, we are often compared to you for rain. We are the wettest county east of the Cascades. We average 76" per year and often qualify as a rainforest.

I just put two of the ones that are flowering in the tent and have them on a flip cycle. The other four, I’m going to take out to the fall.

The reason I’m flipping two is because I am starting to run short of my smoke supply. I also help out my son-in-law’s dad who has MS. Ga. won’t give him a medical card (we just started them last November) until he is in a much later stage.

So, I’m doing 10 on and 14 off in the tent. Hope to have something smokable by mid July. I vape before the cure finished and it seems alright. Banner needs to cure a long time if you want good flavor. Usually two months it gets real mellow and sweetens.


That is beyond disgusting . This is why i’m headed back to Europe in a few years. Spain and Portugal have better health service, house prices are far better value and it’s legal to grow.

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GA does not have medical cannabis. It’s illegal for anyone in that state.

GA has no medical cannabis.

Actually, Ga. has a very restrictive medicinal cannabis program. Macon was the first dispensary to open and that was only a month or so ago.
My daughter’s father-in-law has MS so we have looked into it. There is a list of ailments that qualify. Even MS is only eligible if in late stage.

In my case, I don’t care. I only grow for personal use and I live high in the mountains on my own 18 acres behind a locked gate. My driveway is 1700 feet long.

Sorry I did not know. At least you’re doing better than SC where I live. I will never see the day we have medical or even legal weed. I hope I do, but I’m 68.

I’m only 10 miles from the SC line. About the same from the NC line.

I had 6 Fast Foto Banners growing in bags in the garden. They went in the dirt 1April.
Early on, we had a late spring so they spent days in the greenhouse, sometimes 3 in a row when storms were blowing.
It caused 3 or 4 to flip.
I moved the two that seemed most flowering to the tent and put them on a diminished light cycle to force them into full flower. They are coming along nicely and will harvest about July 4 th.

The remaining 4 are in the garden.

Of them, this one looks so much different. In fact, I feared it enough to move it to the far end of the garden.

They’ve all been transplanted two or three times and I’m concerned I may have hermied one. But not taking any chances.


Having these go into early flower and back to veg is pretty unnerving. It’s a first for me.

My last Fotos were completely tent grown and not much different than autos, except for managing the light cycle.
Am I on a safe track?

These are still the same Banners I put in the dirt on April 1st. They have been growing 132 days!!
I harvested 4 that went into flower. They are in the drawer and smoke well though the yield was low.

My intentions are to let these last two flower naturally. I have grown Banners all the way through in a tent, but this is my first Outdoor All the Way venture.
I live in the north Georgia mountains, ideal for summer gardens.

You can see the one plant is budding but slowly. I think it might be vacillating between flowering and rolling back to veg. We have a lot of sun here. I put them in the greenhouse during storms or scorchers but that is not that often. I also shade with plants mid-day when the temps are over 85.

I have some LST going on both with the bigger one very well spread out. I need to get light and air in there to prevent mold/mildew.
I’m using Mix-A-Soil but have amended it a little with some HomeGrown Phase 3 Grow time. With all the rain, I feared excessive neut wash out.
So, I am going to keep these growing outdoors naturally up to harvest as long as I don’t have a freeze threat. We don’t talk freeze in these parts until November. I have the greenhouse and always the 4x4 tent, if I don’t outgrow it.

161 days in the dirt!!
My goal is to bring this to harvest au naturale. She be flipping but I am going to take her out to the wire.

Some amber trikes but mostly milky.

Lots of Foxtails.
The days in north Ga. are under 12 hours.

Google Photos

If anyone cares, I held the loope in front of my Google phone.
Works pretty good.

Still going. This babe went in the dirt April 1st.
That single bud is as thick as my forearm and about as firm. And there are about a dozen of these.
I am on a quest to grow a foto from start to finish outside under natural light and letting the season change flip them.
It is not as straight forward as one might think. They seem to oscillate between veg and flower a bit. I has milky trikes two months ago but a week later and I see loads of clear trikes. I personally think the old trikes are getting absorbed and new ones are appearing. The same is going on now.
I see about 10% amber, usually on the leaves and two days later I see more milky trikes and almost no amber.
Like I have said, I am going to take this girl to the wire, au natural, much as an experiment than anything else. I have a pretty good cache of stache.
I don’t know when I’ll actually do the chop. October is the Foto flipping month so maybe I’ll make it there.
Funny - used to be I could barely wait to open my presents. I’d see a flicker of amber (usually a fox tail reflection) and I’d whack 'em and weigh 'em.
Now it is the opposite. As long as my stache is not running low, I like to keep them growing. In a way, I am reluctant to tear down my creation. Kind of like when the kids move out.