Plant Protection! Cool weather coming

Hey all.
I have Photoperiods that have yet to begin flowering. The natural light switch won’t occur for another couple of weeks. But i’m concerned with dropping temperatures, Mid 60s at night! what can you use to protect them from
the cold temperatures?

@kyleW it depends on how large the plants are but burlap sacks work pretty well for smaller plants if you have the time to put them on every night and take them off every morning.

Making a miniature green house for them with stakes and clear plastic sheeting works well too and can be left on day and night.

I’ve even used tomato cages and saran wrap in a pinch before and it worked pretty good. Just poked some holes in the bottom for airflow.

Another option is a large clear plastic container or dome. Like one of those clear 50 gallon trash bins or those pop up mini greenhouses if you have a bit of cash to spend.