Plant fell over

Hello, my plant fell over during flower. It caused a lot of the soil to get in the buds, I was wondering if anyone has tips for washing it out?

That dirty little bud looks super frosty. It’s a nice looking nug. What is it? Honestly, they look like they got spared from worst dirt scenario. But nobody wants to smoke obvious soil.

Sorry about your plant falling over. I’ve had that happen a few times over the years. A good way around it is to put a couple of steaks around the pot in a tripod formation. I will even dig a shallow hole to counter sink the container a tad if that makes sense. If your ground is loose enough you can just shove some short bamboo steaks around. If you have some hard pan you might need to get some tent stakes or short pieces of rebar. I have also on big plants off balance too far off the container’s center actually hammered rebar right thru the container bottom down thru the soil. Try falling now plant.

Anyway, as far as getting the dirt out of your current situation, I would stick it out in the next rain if rain is on the forecast for you. Then see if that will bud wash it. If not you could just take the most dirty branches in a 5 gallon bucket and very gently massage them through the water. Then immediately hit the dry room and mop up the drips on the floor to prevent RH build up. The trichomes are not water soluble and if you don’t hit them to vigorously won’t float/break off too badly. If not ready to harvest just yet, there is another thing you could try. Put your garden hose on mist mode and spray straight up above the plant. Then let it rain down with gravity. I would give it a bit of time to work. That way you don’t hit it with any hose force. There’s any pressure behind the hose it will knock off the trichomes and tear the buds.

If that doesn’t work you may need to selectively tweeze out the worst of the dirty flowers to sacrifice to the bud gods.

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I wish I knew what strain it is, it has been giving off so many pretty colors and such a sweet aroma of citrus. My ground is hard pan I will definitely try to use the rebar, it really stood no chance I knocked it over doing yard work. I live in Oregon, we got tons of rain I left it out for a couple days in hopes of it being fixed the buds are sticky like some glue. I’ve been kind of hesitating on using the hose for that reason I’m gonna try that out and be gentle. Very useful information thanks

I grow outdoors and do a three step bud wash at harvest time as standard procedure.
Bucket 1: 1/3 cup H2O2 per gal of water
Bucket 2: 1 cup Baking Soda / 5 gal and the juice of 3-4 small lemons. Bottled lemon juice works too.
Bucket 3: Plain water
Gently swish the branches around for 2-3 min per bucket. Shake off excess water, hang to dry in the shade. A fan can be used to help dry them off before putting them in the drying tent.

You will be surprised how dirty the water gets after just 1 plant. Hope this helps.

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