Pistil burn and Some deficiency

It’s week 4 of flower i have 3 plants. On 1 of the plants i noticed only one top bud have pistil burn. Any thoughts? Also on that same plant looks like a few leaves have some sort of deficiency. Maybe cal mag? The other 2 plants look good.

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Yellowing of veins is usually a sign of calcium/magnesium deficiency. The burnt tips suggest lights too close or too many nutes at the last feeding. Happy Growing!


Yes that’s the only one that’s like that. I did notice some other buds on same plant had a few burn pistil but not like one in picture. I tried sending a better picture it said file too large

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Can you send a better picture of the buds and is that the only bud like that

If the light has dimming capabilities, it is better to introduce 5-10% at a time. Gradually build up the intensity as flowering stage progresses. The first couple feedings, using half strength or just not a full dose of nutrients is good way to get started in flower. Just like the lights, build up to full strength through flower. You want to push your plant and give it everything and more towards the end. Don’t forget to cut the non-organic nutes 2 weeks before harvest so it doesn’t have a chemical taste. Flush. Happy growing, and good luck!


I also see signs og Mag deficiency but what is strange is the browning of the pistils looks like it is on ONE side…did you spray with anything, are the lights concentrated on one side over the other, spill anything?

That’s what I was thinking too @Mrb53004 looks like been sprayed but i have seen caterpillar do that before to buds

I think I do have Is magnesium deficiency. The lights are pretty even throughout the canopy. I added another light and also I think the lights may have been too close because they were about 12" which probably were too close for that intensity. Raised it up to 20 inches.

These are the 2 lights I’m using in a 3x3x6 grow tent

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SPIDER FARMER SF-1000 LED Grow… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07TS82HWB?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

I do not think 12" was too close, not at this stage of flower
OK you moved them a little…
if it is a mag issue, dissolve 1/4 teaspoon of plain Epson salt in a spray bottle and spray the leaves. Try not to get so much on the flower unless you got great air circulation, you don’t want mold or bud rot from the extra moisture / rh. Spray first thing lights on or lights off…not when the leaves are hot
It will be absorbed in 2 days compared to 7-10 days in the soil -waiting for the plant to feed from the roots

Ok ill try that. I have cal mag. What you think about that? It cab be used as foliar spray.

yes, use it…as a spray. if your Mg is a persistent issue, it should be fed to the plants regularly. Not too much as it can cause lockout

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Are these the supposed hermaphrodites? Look at the stalks going up to the buds, look for seeds starting at base of these buds, where the female hairs should be. If you see little bursted dried leaves, then she has tried to pollinate their self. Not sure what pronoun at this point :joy:. If you have these sacks with no pistil hair protrusion, get it away from the others or all of them will seed and start giving you headaches instead of a buzz. Have a great Sunday, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Now that you mention that I don’t think that they are herm because they are female plants I think the correct term is that they self pollinated due to some sort of stress