Pine Auto, is it ready?

This is a Pine Autoflower that is 9 weeks into flower probably close to 19 weeks total. I will try to attach a couple pics taken with an ottoscope app, they are not too good. Tricombs are milky not showing any amber. Is this thing ready to chop or should I wait for some amber tricombs to appear? Thanks I’m new to this so any help is greatly appreciated.

I think what appears to be amber color in one of the pics is a reflection. I’m not seeing any of that when I use the loop. Thanks for your help everyone

You have a while to go. Pistols need to go brown too but keep an eye on her depends how much amber you like.

Lynyrdsky, thanks for help, I will keep an eye on her. Is it common for an auto to go so long?

I have only grown autos a couple times and they took around 100 days start to finish. Sour diesel seed from here.

Thanks for the info. I guess I’m in the realm of reasonable. I will let her go on her own time.

I just had a GSC go 128 days( I was afraid to go any longer) turned a deep purple and is awesome.

Bigpoppa, I’m approaching 140 days. I’m getting a little nervous about continuing, not seeing any change in the last week. Still have some green pistols pretty frosty very little amber… Think it may be time to pull the trigger.

Your typical autoflowering cultivar will start to flower between weeks 3 and 5. Most breeders will state a finish time of 8 to 12 weeks. This is the flowering time, not the total time. Most Autos will run a minimum of 12 weeks start to finish. Essentially not making them any faster that Photos. This has only been my experience. If they are dragging longer than 16 weeks then you have either come across shitty genetics or you are overstressing or overfeeding the plants. In my experience the more you stress the plants the longer they take for autos. These are my observations on over 70 autoflowering plants in the last 2 years

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Thank you Hansgruber for the insight, this is my second run on this cultivar. I think this one was somewhat stressed due to a bad soil mix. I was trying to save some coin and formulate my own mix, ended up way too hot. Anyway I chopped her about four days ago and have about 2.8 oz wet weight. I learn a little each plant. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with me, it is very helpful. Ive popped two more seeds and trying again… Happy growing


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Awesome!! Well keep us informed, looking forward to hearing about the new grow.

Its all based on environment and genetics for an auto flower. Assuming a decent environment… Most premium auto genetics go 70-80 days seed to harvest. Most other autos are going to go 90-120. Autos going over 100 are just not the best auto genetics. Outdoor can go a little longer. Indoors I rarely have one go past 85 days.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Very helpful. Thank you. Now I have a better feel for what to expect. So much to learn. Thanks

What do you know about growing outdoors as the evening Temps drop? I have 2 sweet cindy photos about 2 weeks into flower. The nighttime Temps are in the mid to low 40’s with daytime reaching 80. Should I be thinking about bringing them in at night or transitioning them to the tent? Plants look good their growth may be slowing. What do you think?

I will be honest, while I don’t know much beyond regular gardening outdoors, temperature fluctuations of that degree can be very bad for your plants and could promote bud rot among other things. But my biggest concern would be that plant development all but stops in temperatures below 55 degrees from everything that I have read and podcasts I have listened to.
I would start to transition them inside, especially if temps are going to continue in that range or even drop. Just be careful and weary of any inside plants you already have as you don’t want to contaminate your inside area. This is just what I would do so take it for what it is worth and Happy Growing!!! Keep us updated on what’s goin on!