Picking leaves off

So the bigass fan leaves need to be removed or do you leave a few? I got some 9finger leaves bigger than my hand on my little gurls. Sorry I’m such a newbie.

Hi @Kojak Everyone has their own technique for trimming but a good rule of thumb is… if the fan leaf is blocking light to a bud site, remove it. If the fan leaf is facing the inside of the plant, remove it. If the fan leaf has issues, remove it. Never remove more than 1/3 of your plants foliage at any one time. Some plants will tolerate more but most wont. Fan leaves are needed all the way until final flowering, so only take off what is needed at each trimming and watch how she reacts to the trimming to see how often you can trim her. IMHO plants like to be trimmed and will grow better. Kind of like after you get a good hair cut you feel great !