Picking a strain for next grow

I have narrowed a new strain for next grow down to 3 choices. LSD, Blueberry×OG Kush and skunk × mazar all from homegrown. Can anyone tell me which would be the least likely to get powdery mildew. This stinking gray mold seems to be my only reacuring problem.

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@Jared please hang on a few days. I have been working on a nano Particle colloidal micelle solution for mites and one of the side effects is ELIMINATING MILDEW…
Out of your choices, I know that KUSH is a highly resistant strain so I would lean that way. Mazar is also highly resistant. do not know about LSD…


@Mrb53004 definitely let us know if you figure something out for mildew. If you do make sure to patent it before telling anyone. You will be rich soon if you figure that one out. Thanks for the input on the strains. Just trying to stack all the odds in my favor.

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Thanks…First I have to have it field tested…more than just my environment… It is organic100% organic. Non-gmo. There’ s a trace amount of potassium bicarbonate (wine reduction agent) for ph adjustment, but less than .001% by volume. I will keep the ingredients SECRET.


Sound’s like you need more air to stop mold from forming

I keep adding more fans. Have wall mounted hurricane fans blowing the tops and pedestal rotating fans under canopy. I thought of putting hurricanes under the canopys also but it seems to be plenty of air movement.

You got grow room or tent

@Daddy1971 grow room. 38% humidity with 70-80 deg temps

can you bring the temps down 5 degrees? 80 is good for babies, clones, but a little high for vegging…65-75 is sweet spot

Can you pull air in from outside

most definitely…this way you bring in CO2…In a closed area, co2 levels get depleted. Most of us with TENTS, bring air in from the bottom and exhaust from the top

Yes i think pulling fresh air will take care of your problem.i had same problem year’s ago

Guess i will be having to hook up the AC then. Was hoping not to have to do it on a winter grow.

I put in a 10 in ac infinity ventilation fan. Starting to think mabey I should have went larger

Before I went a/c, I would add another exhaust system…much cheaper unless you are going to need it for summer time

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Yep already installed it just need to hook up electric. Definitely going to grow indoors in summer. Outdoors around here is nothing but headaches.

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Jared have you tried ammonia yet??
I won’t bring it up any more. It is AMAZING for molds and powdery mildews. One of my non cannabis mentors got me into ammonia for mildew and mold on cucurbits. If you have grown pumpkins or squash you know what I mean about them and PM.
I oversprayed my cannabis on accident and could not believe how green and lush they looked the next day. It is a kick ass foliar feed and a holy terror on molds. It raises the ph on leaves just like milk and baking soda. But works MUCH better. That’s why it works ammonia is also very alkaline. With the bonus of reducing to nitrate on the leaves Just don’t spray it in the sun or full lights on. Home cleaning ammonia diluted to 1 part, 9 parts water. Lemon scented hurts nothing.

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I know what you are talking about with the squash. I am a big winter squash fan but there are few strains we can grow here successfully without mold treatment.

I am getting the squash you recommended to Kmac. nantigoke squash. I Cannot wait to try the olive oil bake tip. Do you season it with garlic salt or anything? Thank you. Big squash eaters here.

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You can we use light salt and pepper but garlic sounds good also. Just let the flavor come out in the squash before adding much. That nanticoke squash has several different flavers and textures. All the reds will taste alike, greens, turbins etc etc. Each has there own distinct flavor. Seed planted out of any of the fruits yield a full variety of fruits though.

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