Photosynthesis plus and enzymes

Is anyone familiar with photosynthesis plus or plant enzymes? Are they just another addition that might cause problems?

I’m getting ready for a winter grow. My plan was to grow three Banners Fast Fem Fotos with a Buckwheat topping. I grow buckwheat on my land to attract deer and provide nectar for our bee colonies. I threw some seed on top of a 15-gal pot I had a Banner going. They paired well!!
The Buckwheat aerates the medium, keeps it moist and shades it, which is necessary in north ga. summers. It also acts as a wind break which is beneficial since I get some serious gusts during thunderstorms.
I think I will experiment, which I often do during my winter tent grow. I’ll treat one plant with Photosynthesis Plus and one with Photosynthesis Plus + Buckwheat and one with just Buckwheat.

I know Photosynthesis Plus is used in a lot of veggie gardens and I would think it pretty forgiven. I don’t know of what enzymes you speak.