Photo of plant problem

I am growing seeds from Home grown
Last year I grew lemon auto flower indoors and had great results

This year I ordered Purple Kush
I only have two plants growing at this time indoors under LED lights
One plant looks awesome. Dark green and no issues
The other one has brown spots on the leaves

The one with brown spots is taller than the other one
I am not sure I got the same variety based on how the two plants look?

Both have the same soil - Ocean forest, but reused from last years crop mixed with fresh Ocean Forest
Distilled water, so PH is flat
3 gallon fabric pots under LED lights
I am using 3 teaspoons of Fox farm Grow big in one gallon of water every other watering

I included a close up photo of the plant that has the brown spots
Can anyone take a guess as to what is wrong with this plant?


More images


The fertilizer I am using

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That plant has a few different issues I think. My guess is that your soil’s pH is out of range.

When you’re using distilled water you may need to supplement cal-mag if your nutrient line isn’t accounting for it.

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Thanks, I’ll pick up some cal-mag

It’s weird that both plants have identical soil, water, etc but only one has this issue

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You mentioned they had different growth characteristics. So they’re not quite identical plants. You’ll often find a couple different “phenotypes” out of a single seed pack. Some breeders can even tell you specific things to look for.

It could be, since the one plant was “lanky”, it ran dryer (especially with that heating mat) and that created different conditions for them in the root zone. Maybe the salts built up more in the one because of that and that’s how your pH got out of whack. You could try flushing and re-amending if you don’t have a good way to check pH.

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Thanks for the reply
I monitor moisture levels down deep in the soil with a moisture meter
So both are always about the same moisture level
I will flush the spotty one and measure the PH
I’ll remeasure the water PH also just to double check

My well water is on the Alky side, and so that is why I distill it.
But I have not measured it this year.

I’ll report back

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In the image is the Distilled PH, My Well water PH and the Flushed PH

Distilled is just slightly on the acid side
My well water is on the Alky side
The Flush water looks more acidic, but the water that came out the bottom was a bit brown so that may have made it look a bit more orange than the distilled?
The flush test water I did was with the distilled water, not my well water

Since my well water is a bit on the Alky side, I did a major flush with about 3 gallons of well water
maybe that will balance out the PH
I’ll do another flush in a few days after it is time to water again

What do you think of the PH results?


Seems like the right move to me. @Noddykitty, can you advise?


@PerryComo this looks like a phosphorus, potassium, and calmag issue for sure. Phosphorus, potassium, and calcium/magnesium deficiency all together will give you a tall lanky plant with weak leaves and stems with brown splotches everywhere.

Your pH looks good to me so I’d personally increase the flower feed (tiger bloom and big bloom) for that plant. Could just be a hungrier faster growing pheno than the other.


Thanks for the help all

Next watering, I will increase the two bloom fertilizers
I’ll report back when I have more to share


Well, the plant seems to be ok and growing nice buds, but still has the brown splotched leaves.
One thing to note is that there is new leaf growth at the bottom of the plant and these new leaves are all green.
So maybe the flushing, Foxfarm Big Bloom and some Epsom salts helped.

It’s the taller plant on the left in the photo.
Same seeds supposedly, but way different looking plants

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Are you using cal mag if not that’s what she needs

Thanks, that was last years plants :slight_smile:
I’ll keep that in mind if it happens again

Over look me.I’m new here :ok_hand:

No big deal, thanks for the info :smiley:

Looks like cal mag defecency in ways and phos defency in another do u use cal mag

yes, I have Fox Farm cal-mag

Are your plants on flower ?/.

You are talking about plants from last year that are long gone

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