PH WAY TO HIGH . Used mollasses with all vegamatrix nutes

I used mollasses maybe to much and my ph for running water was at 8 and some 8.5. I flushed all night and got them to 7.6. What and why and will I be ok. I use all vegamatrix nutes. And all of them haha. I’m flowering on week 5 or so.

@Magus25227 molasses has an acidic ph between 4.5 and 5.5. That wouldn’t be causing your pH to rise like that. What substrate are you using? Temps and rh?

Need to know what soil your useing @Magus25227

1 tablespoon white vinegar per gallon of water used as a soil drench

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RH? Pro mix with perlite.

I think i know what i did. I watered a day early and used to many nutrients.

@Magus25227 sorry. Rh is relative humidity. Coco with perlite is common to have high pH issues because coco leaches potassium early on then slowly releases it back into the soil. It also builds up nutrient salt deposits pretty easy if you let it dry out too much. If you give it lighter feedings more often and don’t let the coco dry out you’ll bounce back fairly quick.

On the second grow. I know now I definitely over watered the first grow. Could of flushed more also. Over watered because i didnt let them dry out enough also. Second grow is feeling good.