PH WAY TO HIGH . Used mollasses with all vegamatrix nutes

I used mollasses maybe to much and my ph for running water was at 8 and some 8.5. I flushed all night and got them to 7.6. What and why and will I be ok. I use all vegamatrix nutes. And all of them haha. I’m flowering on week 5 or so.

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@Magus25227 molasses has an acidic ph between 4.5 and 5.5. That wouldn’t be causing your pH to rise like that. What substrate are you using? Temps and rh?

Need to know what soil your useing @Magus25227

1 tablespoon white vinegar per gallon of water used as a soil drench

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RH? Pro mix with perlite.

I think i know what i did. I watered a day early and used to many nutrients.

@Magus25227 sorry. Rh is relative humidity. Coco with perlite is common to have high pH issues because coco leaches potassium early on then slowly releases it back into the soil. It also builds up nutrient salt deposits pretty easy if you let it dry out too much. If you give it lighter feedings more often and don’t let the coco dry out you’ll bounce back fairly quick.


On the second grow. I know now I definitely over watered the first grow. Could of flushed more also. Over watered because i didnt let them dry out enough also. Second grow is feeling good.

Get u 8 on.pH.i use.5 7.5,/pH.still.bit.high for ur.lsdys.will cause a.number of.issues.for you .but when u.mix.ur.nutes up let them.set for sbout a.hour and check ur.pH.see.what time.for.the a just up.

I was in to small of pots. That was my main issue.
Timothy i would get a reverse osmosis system. Ckeab water and ph of 7. With nutes its where we want it. At least vegamatrix. That harvest still was quality bud. Im drying my second one and is much better and i know how to improve again.

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Also thank you everyone. Good points with coco and mixing with perlite.

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Odd u.mentioned smeller.pots.because. I went with one gallon.pots noenim.haveing.small issue.with.Esther pH.or cal mag…not I’m on hopes to.correct.this gets bad.

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Can’t see what I.was.talking about. Started getting. Tiny spots.were yellow.then.this.morning. they were.turning brown.I cut point.leaving them

I would flush. That is a small plant doesnt need much nutrients. Something i learned is less is better. Dots cold be from overwatering and or to many nutes. Also get a reverse osmosis. Good water is most important. Ph down wont fix the water. Rain water is the only water that cannbis likes. There is few houses that have good water. To many minerals and more.

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I disagree, I have been using tap water for the last year and a half but my water comes in at a 7.5. I use ph down to drop it maybe 2 drops it sits at 6.6. I also have three 5 gallon buckets in my kitchen…each one with an aerator pump to evaporate the chlorine/chloramine from the city water. RO is an expensive option and only necessary in areas where water is almost at and 8.5 or higher.

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you dont want to use ph down. you want ph to be below 7 for good cannabis.

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6.6-6.9 between them is prob best but 7

You want 6.5 and 6.9 durring flowering not veg.