Ph problems how to fix

What should my Soil Ph . Right now it looks like a little over 7, and how would I lower it. Thanks
Blue amnesia auto

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There is a product that works for me ph up and down. But maybe a bit more info? What grow medium are you using? Nutruents? Type of water? I am sure some of the more experienced growers will be on to help. I have grown blue amnesia auto though so maybe I know a bit about it. What growth stage?

citric acid will bring the ph down, & so does molasses, which is good for your soil. I would try organic blackstrap molasses 1st…


Most every soil is self correcting…Follow Mike S instructions…add molasses to every watering for a few weeks. Molasses brings down Ph so eventually you have to back off and use 1 a week, every other week or you get nutrient lock from the low ph

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Sorry I should have known to have added this info. 7 Weeks old, fox farm ocean soil, RO water. I add cal mag, kelp and molasses to the Reverse osmosis water. I use nectar for the gods Medusa and Gaia for my nutrition. Sorry it took so long I went out of town and left my phone. Thanks

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I always check my ph and in soil I use the same thing you are. I check the run off and in soil I try to stay in the 6-7 ph range and I don’t try to get the same number every time I water. And check the run off very important to get the whole picture and I want you to have a wonderful harvest. Stay safe and grow happy