Ph problem how to fix?

I’ve been using a broken ph pen.
I cleaned it and calibrated it with 7.0-4.0 solutions.
It will read 8.0 when two other meters know to be correct show 6.5.
As a result I’ve been watering way too acidic around 5.
Leaves are discolored and showing brown spots and purple edges.

How do I water now? Should I just resume 6.3 or overcompensate a little too correct the ph?
I just did a light foliar feed 1 ml cal-mag and 2 ml 6-4-4 liquid grow.

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@Nyslide62 what substrate are you using? The substrate will be the deciding factor.

MDBuds I’m in a soil mix 50/50 Ocean Forest-Happy Frog w/added Perlite.
I realized after the fact that the Perlite was miracle grow and has added fertilizer.
I watered at 6.8 with 0.5 ml Rapid Start, 2.5 ml cal mag, and 5 ml 6-4-4 in 4 gallons of dechlorinated tap water last night.
The leaves look happier this morning, not drooping as much.

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To much nitrogen will cause leaves to turn brown and yellow on the tips and leaves will brittle i think the perlite MG is the problem. I keep seeing problems with the MG

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Mabey u should flush her with pH water then flush again with nute water