Ph level in soil

So I just transplanted from cups to 3 gallon pots using foxfarm ocean forest. My runoff ph is like 4.8 is that normal for ne

w bag of foxfarm soil?

What’s the pH of your water going in? 4.8 seems low, should be higher than that, methinks.

@Garden420 FFOF is supposed to be pH adjusted to be between 5.8-6.5 pH. 4.8 run off is low but it can be caused by a number of different things and many of them are harmless, or even beneficial in an organic soil. Before I can help you diagnose it though I first need to know what your feed/water pH is and if you are just watering or if you are feeding.

I’m just watering. Ph level going in 6.5.

@Garden420 I’d personally do a slurry test to test the soil pH. Sounds like you’re just washing out the amendments FFOF has in the soil. A slurry test will give you a more accurate measure of soil pH.

Run off pH in a soil grow will have you chasing your tail. It’s best to check soil pH regularly.

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