Ph keeps going up? DWC

Has anyone ever had an issue of the ph going from 5.8 to 7.5 in one day? OR water in 5 gal buckets. General hydroponics nutrients. Growing Northern lights auto’s.


Not exactly the same but my cloner dose the same thing without nutes it still goes from 5.5 to 7.5 every single day.

@Charles ph fluctuates for a number of reasons from temperature change to what macros and micros your plants are or are not eating.

Are you in veg or bloom?

Wanted…more info. Are you talking about Ph in a reservoir? Are you using 5 gal pails?
We recently ran into the hardware store pails no longer being made from FOOD GRADE material (savings). It cost EXTRA for them. The Ph shoots up in just a few hours as the pail leech their chems
If not the pails, nevermind…You will have to further describe the full process so we can determine where the fluctuation is coming from

They are my old 5 gal pots. I’ve had 4 runs through them. The only thing I’ve done differently on this grow is a new air pump. I’ve had my nutrients for 3 years now. General hydroponics 3 part system,root stimulator, hydroguard and no problems with them. This is my first grow of northern lights. They are in veg with no problem just the ph going up on me every day. I use 0 water filters on my water. I’m feeding at 450ppm,400 luminums and this is week 3 after popping green.

@Charles which General Hydroponics grow are you using? Is it the floranova grow? If so there’s your issue. Nothern lights likes a lot of nitrogen and phosphorus early on but not so much potassium. Floranova grow is 7-4-10 and if your plants aren’t using the potassium it will build up in the res and buckets raising the ph.


I’ll try uploading pictures.

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Thank you. Things weren’t adding up. Anytime I’ve had ph problems it was the molasses but I’m not using it on these girls. I’m looking forward to seeing the big buds on this Nukehead. I’ve never grown them or the northern lights before. But thank you for the info on the Northern lights.

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@Charles you’re welcome man. I’d suggest switching up your grow nutes to something with less potassium. My personal preference is earth juice Verde fire grow or the earth juice sugar peak.

My friend has been using flower power. It’s just a 2 part system. His girls look good. I’ve used so many different nutrients and they all have issues with this DWC. This issue I had with ph had to be the genetics of the northern lights. Who sells the earth juice?

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@Charles you can find the sugar peak at most hydro shops and online. Verde Fire you can find on Amazon and some hydro shops but it’s harder to find than the sugar peak.

@Charles also, Verde Fire is a two part system. The grow is 4-7-2 and the bloom is 0-9-3. I use the bloom with some molasses, terpinator or purpinator, and liquid kelp to give it a micro boost and a small potassium boost so the npk of my bloom and flower feeding is closer to 0-9-6 when I did hydro for a bit.

I do living soil grows now though but I still use my Verde fire nutes to supplement my nature’s living soil when I top feed or make teas.

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