PH down not staying down

Hey all. I recently noticed do to making bigger batches that my pH down isn’t staying where it should. Use same as always 1/2 ml per gal and gets me right there. But I come back next morning and its like I never put it in?? I’m not using RO becuase I’ve been happy with my results with adjusted tap water. Is this why its not holding pH becuase its not RO? I’ve tried two different brands now… more recently TNB granules… same result???

Maybe @MDBuds knows whats up??

@regnartS it’s likely some form of citric acid or l ascorbic acid. Should use it right away after phing. A lot of the organic or natural pH down products work great but if you leave the water exposed to light or warm temperatures the acid will neutralize.

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I try to reduce the number of variables, where possible. Nutrition is a major one and largely a black box.
One thing that was a game changer for me was Mix-A-Soil. I don’t add anything but water except for a little black molasses is late flower.
I germ with distilled water but it is 100% rainwater once past seedling.
I keep 200 gals in a cistern for our veg garden since we get a lot of rain.
I measured pH and TDS of the water and it is nearly pristine.
I’m growing 4 autos in 5 gal pots on a wagon. It lets me rush them to shelter when storms come.
Are you in a position to collect rain water? My cistern is simply done gutters I put on my garden shed to divert the run off into barrels.

We don’t get rain here lol. Like never

We are in Rabun County in NW Georgia. We are the wettest country East of the Cascades.
And today is pruning it.