Pests Identification

Pretty sure this is due to the white fly I believe they come from my organic super soils… I can occasionally see them but i always catch just a glimpse of one or two. Today it got a lot worse. May be a combo of pests and yellowing due to heavy feeding with bat guano for the first time freshy after fixing high ph. Noticed lockout from 7.5 ph water, finally got earthjuice ph down and hit them with 5.7 as I added dolomite lime to the soil early on in 2gal pots. May start going at 6.0 from here on.

Gonna pick some lady bugs up, neem oil, and thinking of spinosad but not sure if its truthfully organic.

Heres some photos. 2 plants effected. Theyre so small to the eye I can never see them but looks like dust flying.

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@Sk8nGrow that definitely looks like white flies to me. This photo you can see the larvae on the leaf and what looks like a few egg sacs.

You can treat white flies just like you would mites with foliar sprays.


@Sk8nGrow some of the symptoms look like they might be from caterpillars or mites as well. Caterpillars and larvae only feed at night and will hide and live in the soil. You can tell if you have them because they will eat holes in the lower leaves first and if you look really close you can see tiny silk like threads hanging from the lower leaves and going down to the soil similar to the silky threads spider mites wrap buds and leaves in when you get a bad infestation.

I didnt even notice those in the photo to be honest. Good point out!
And the caterpillar would be nuts if they somehow were already in the soil… But I believe the bite marks on that plant were from a grass hopper that got in for a day.

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@Sk8nGrow yeah grasshoppers and crickets will get mj too. See any little burrows or holes in the soil? Crickets and grasshoppers will move right on in and lay their eggs in the soil too. No better place for them in the winter than a nice warm grow tent with plenty of food.

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Ill be keeping an eye out for any now! Haven’t noticed any yet. I spend a lot of time sitting in there massaging the plants. Going to have to use the side zips once I transplant to 15gals.

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