Pesticides Yes or No

Hey guy’s,
I’ve been seeing a lot of info about the importance of keeping your plants safe from insects. I personally have done nothing to prevent an infestation that would destroy my ladies. I am growing indoors in a tent, is it really that necessary to use pesticides?

Only if needed. Most of us tent growers are growing for ourselves and not commercial use. DE (diatomaceous Earth - food grade), H2O2 (peroxide), soap, oils (rosemary, orange peel, neem), pepper sprays—will take care of most infestations.
If needed, organics too


Not recommended during flower.
But proactive care during vegetative state will do wonders.

-Inspect your top soil regularly.

-Check underside of the foliage during maintenance.

-A good feeding schedule.

-Keep that moisture in check.

-Always sanitize tools.

-Never wear outside clothes when you work in your tent. (from experience I had a terrible aphid infestation)