Pest advice please

Please can anyone help identify what pests are on my two plants? I have been picking off small brown bugs from the underside of the leaves although they are actually in the middle of the leaf? Any advice appreciated as I don’t want to lose my plants.

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@Pjmonster looks like you have yourself some leaf miners my friend. Leaf miners aren’t an actual pest name btw, they’re just the larvae of certain species of insects that pupate in leaves. Could be anything from types of moths to beetles. Do you have any photos of the adults you found so I can be of more assistance?

Hi no unfortunately I don’t as I have picked the larva & green catapilers off. Do I need to treat the plant with anything? I’ve read that neem oil is good?

Thank you

it’s the miners, the first thing is to remove those leaves that are with the paths so they don’t migrate. and I would put cinnamon powder in the joints of the plant that repels this type of bug

@Pjmonster if you pick caterpillars off that means it’s likely some type of moth.

You can get a bt spray since they’re in veg and it will kill the larvae and the adolescent caterpillars. This is the easiest way.

If you want to go more natural you can smother them with Insecticidal Soap or make your own. I use Safer Brand Insecticidal Soap with seaweed extract personally.

After that it’s just a matter of preventing the moths from laying more eggs. You can use essential oil sprays and cedarwood chips to help prevent the moths from coming back and laying more eggs.