Pepper spray for OPM

I’ve got an entire 30’ row of super hot peppers in the veggie garden this year. I think these are 7 Pot Douglah. I’ve also got some ghost peppers, Carolina reaper, and red savina, and a few others.

Anybody making their own pepper spray? Or using it for outdoor pest management?

I’m thinking about using it around the plants or sprayed on the pots - mostly for trying to keep larger mammals away like rabbits or deer.

I have some ghost peppers im growing for a spray hope it burns there asses up

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Do you have a recipe that you use? I’ve been scanning through various ones online and got some ideas.

I’ve got some ripe habanero and this little guy. I think it’s a reaper. It’s from a small batch of plants that didn’t make it into the garden. They’ve been sitting in 1 liter pots and completely neglected for the last month or so. I have a feeling it’s going to be particularly angry.

I’m going to stick these in the oven on the dehydrate setting. That’s seems to be where most of the recipes are starting from.

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Yes i scrape the inside to get the oils out after baking for awhile then add to water and i freeze into ice cubes to put where i need them

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This is the ghost peppers have to let them get red

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I was thinking of using alcohol for the extraction - I know that’s how they make pure capsaicin oil: infuse it in alcohol, then distill it back out.

I’m thinking I’ll add some oil to get it to stick. Garlic - cause it’s sticky and we just harvested some from the garden. And mineral oil since it’s more shelf stable - I use food grade to finish my cutting boards.

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That will work @CurrDogg420

Have to protect your skin my wife cans peppers dry them makes things gloves,mask ,eyes

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I should know that by now but somehow I always manage to get it in uhh, “sensitive” places. I had to take a leak after I took that picture but didn’t wash my hands well enough before. :grimacing:

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Damn that’s no good at all

Hey @CurrDogg420 check out my apple tree limbs about to brake put pole up to hold them my wife and I have been very blessed this year

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What variety of apples @Daddy1971 ? We tried to grow a few saplings here but the deer ended up eating them all. I should try again maybe with a bit larger trees. We’d love to have some fruit trees.

I found a slug crawling up the sides of one of the pots today while I was doing some pruning. I need to get this pepper spray made up.

The apple’s are fugi and granny Smiths yes me too on the spray im still waiting on my peppers to get bigger we belong to arbor day we get all our sapplings from them donate 25 dollars and they send 10 trees the more you donate more trees and you can buy any kind from them

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Yep, same here. They send me personalized mailing labels too- I haven’t written my address on an envelope in years.

A couple of the red oak saplings we planted are now 12’ tall but the fruit trees all got eaten within about 2 weeks.

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Can you find what’s in this peppers

Did you include a picture? I couldn’t see the pic of your apples either if you sent one.

In your last pic - it looks like a raised deck (I see a roof line), garden hose, some kind of trellis stake? Lol. There’s a bush or tree in the background there… :face_with_monocle: ?

After looking at yours I think the one I took a picture of was actually ghost peppers. I didn’t expect the chocolate color, they were supposed to be red. It’s my first time growing them though.


Got a few more ripe habanero from those neglected plants. Had a reaper fall off when I was out taking pictures so that’ll go in too

Sorry got caught up


Praying mantis!! Cool man!

He’s been on there for couple weeks bunch of babies born around the house