Peaches in the greens?

Has anyone ever come across cannabis that smells or tastes like fresh peaches? I don’t think I ever have. I just planted 10 peach tree cultivars here. It made me think back to cannabis. My wife thinks I have gone peach crazy. Anyway, any weedy peaches?


@Noddykitty they have strains are high in geraniol but they are pretty rare. Some include Agent Orange and Black Cherry Soda. To get a peach scented or flavored one some cross breeding and pheno hunting would be needed but the right mix of geraniol and other terps could easily make a peach strain.

Sounds like a fun project to take on.


Thanks for the input MDBuds. I have black cherry soda in my collection. I just love old TGA strains because most of them hold up very well in the rain.

I may have to try Agent orange again. The AO did very poorly in the rain 3-4 seasons I tried it. (Better than Tangie in my opinion on orange terp flavor.). AO also seemed to dinner bell every caterpillar in my neighborhood. I just put up a proper green house so maybe I will try crossing them under cover. Thanks for the project idea MDBuds. I am dreaming about eating a fresh peach after smoking a peach bowl. But what to call it “trichy peaches” or “peach trich”?

My wife asked me not to participate in the forum but I cannot help myself. It is too much fun.

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@Noddykitty candied peaches maybe? Frosted like it’s coated in sugar and smells like peaches. :grin:

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