Partial Ready to Harvesting

It seems that some buds are nearing ready to harvest while others look like they still need some more time.
I was under the impression that I should wait to harvest the entire plant at once. However based on the varying maturity of the buds I think it makes sense to harvest the ones that are ready and wait for the others to reach their full potential.
I appreciate your advice about this.

@Theschwartziswithyou I think taking the whole plant is better in most cases and just try to separate your drying branches so you know which were farther along so you can have different affects from the same plant (this is what I do) Also something to consider is if you take a major branch from a plant that is near the end of flower she may not like that and could cause issues with what you have left growing. But…I have never tried this so maybe someone in the forum has and they can comment on their experience.

I’ve never tried either but I’ve heard it’s fairly common in outdoor grows.

If you decide to do it, let us know how it works out!

I think it was @Khatru that had mentioned something to the affect of partial harvesting somewhere on here. Maybe they can help?

I partial harvest many times. Waiting for the whole plant lets some of the potency, flavor and effects wain…If a bud / branch is ready, clip it. Many dry racks are screens you lay your buds down on, no need to hang it upside down…just make sure it gets proper ventilation, rh and temp to dry properly and prevent mold

Thank you fir your advice. I ended up clipping the entire plant. The majority of the buds looked good to go. My Fingers are crossed and I hope this all turns out ok.
I’m drying in an AC Infiniti

grow tent with air circulation and temp monitoring.
What’s is RH? Thanks!

humidity…relative humidity… The ideal temperature for a drying room is between 65 – 75 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity between 45 – 55 percent in a dark room