Pain and nausea relief

My wife is about to go into hospice and I’m trying to keep that from happening. She has all type of health problems but those pain and nausea along with chronic infections are the big ones. What is the best type if plant and method of delivery to help with them. I’m thinking either oil or juicing it will be going in her feeding tube by the way. Can anyone help?

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@SaveMyWife I’d need to know more information before I can suggest anything. Such as the cause of her pain and nausea. Every ailment requires a different terpene profile and potential delivery method. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing everything here publicly you can private message me. The more detailed information you give me the more likely it is I’ll be able to find something that can help. At the very least be able to ease her pain so she isn’t suffering as much in the time she has left. My heart goes out to you. I wish you both the best.

@SaveMyWife as far as how to administer via a feeding tube your best bet is a lipid based infusion and mix it with the formula. If you use coconut oil you will need to feed it warm so that it stays liquid. Olive oil infusion would be the easiest because it stays liquid.

For the greatest benefit I would make the infusions with half fresh flower and half decarbed flower and use a type III cbd cultivar or a type II medicinal cultivar.

Decarb half the cannabis then mix in some fresh cannabis then infuse the oil. It’ll give you a good well rounded FECO with active and acid forms of cannabinoids as well as a higher level of terpenes.

This method works well but if she has liver damage or her liver can’t process fats or cannabinoids your only other option since she can’t smoke would be suppositories.

Just make your oils in the same way but put them in a suppository capsule. This bypasses the liver and allows her to absorb the cannabinoids directly into her bloodstream.

@SaveMyWife if you don’t have time to grow or you want to make it easier you can always buy some RSO and then infuse the RSO into the oils. It’s the quickest option if you have a source you trust to provide the RSO.

Man thank you so much I couldn’t figure out how to direct message on here but you gave me some great places to start. Her pain is caused by spastic cp along with just being bed bound for so long. The nausea they can’t figure out what is causing that at all 2 different hospitals about 3 months in them. It’s been crazy and emotional for sure especially for our son who just started high school, thank you again for the advice!

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My heart goes out to all of you. With nausea and cp, you wanna be careful of chronic thc use as well. If the weed helps the nausea initially, but it comes back with a vengeance, stop the weed for three days to reset.

@SaveMyWife yeah I’d definitely try the type II cultivars then. Type II strains have both thc and cbd. Something like a canna-tsu, harle-tsu, or something similar with caryophyllene and linalool/myrcene terpenes.