Overwintering next season's plants

I’ve done this successfully with other plants before, but this will be the first time with cannabis. I’m optimistically planning to continue taking clones and having a few indoor harvests as well. Any tips for keeping the plants healthy until next spring are welcome Thanks.

you can keep indoor plants in veg mode as long as you want with your lighting schedule at 18/6

Can I keep them in small pots (1-2 gallon) without worrying about them becoming rootbound?

that would keep the plants small, i would use fabric pots as they allow the air to keep the roots from balling too much in the container, if you have the space/height indoors you could go bigger?

Actually, I was just looking at 5 gallon fabric pots. I think I’ll get some of those too, but if I just want to keep some clones going until next season, are smaller pots an option? Obviously, I’ll have to keep them cut back.

do not worry about size…if they get too big, clone the clones. 3 or 5 gal size is ok. It is all about timing. Hardest part is to keep them in veg so they serve as MOTHER PLANTS…gotta be 15 hrs PLUS lights on…


Good lighting, good ventilation, and keep a close eye out for thrips or spider mites. I purchase live ladybugs to control any bugs.

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