Overwhelmed with new grow…

…and I haven’t even started growing.

As the header states, I’ve become quite overwhelmed with my first grow when it comes to equipment, there TOO many options. This will be a fairly lengthy post so that I can give as much detail as possible, for those who don’t like to read I’ll add a TLDR at the end.

I started researching growing a few years ago, became sidetracked and in the past 6 months I’ve have began to dig back into it. I put together a plan and an equipment list. Just as I’m ready to place the order I stumble across the Homegrown podcast hosted by @Kronic , so I will place blame for this on him :sweat_smile:. Podcast is great by the way! I have learned a ton in just the last WEEK!!

My original plan was to purchase a 3x3 kit from Vivosun, throw some plants in and get a feel if this is a hobby I am truly interested in. However, listening to the podcast I learned there were holes in my plan/better techniques/equipment options I didn’t know existed for my overall goal. This led me down a rabbit hole and I now have 30+ tabs open trying to decide what equipment to now use.

Mission: focus solely on autoflower plants, utilizing quality(but economical) equipment that, if I were to enjoy the process of growing, I can continue to use as I progress more into this hobby. I don’t want to have to completely rebuy everything in a year becasue it either failed or it’s a major hinderance to my yields. I enjoy “smart” technology and automation so the more I can integrate items like this the better although I’m not against going full manual if needed. Kits look great, I’m ok with just adding on to them or going a la cart. Whatever gets me the best result.

Space: I have a height restriction of 75”, which has led me to believing the largest tent I could use would be a 3x3

Location: Southeast with an average relative humidity of ~60%

System idea/techniques planned: positive pressure, 24hr light cycle, transplanting and LST. Use smart devices to aid in automation.

Medium: fox farm soil, organic nutrients

Budget: ~$1,000 +/- 20% for tent, ventilation, heat & humidity control. (Is this realistic? If not I’m all ears as my ideology is that if I’m going to do something I want to do it RIGHT) this budget is not taking into account grow mediums/ extra tools/grow bags/etc.

Could anyone put together a build list? Provide some insight? Tell me I’m overthinking it all and I should just buy a cheap, reputable, kit and focus on the growing techniques instead of what equipment I have?

TLDR: I’m new, I want to do this as correct as possible without over investing. I’m starting to overthink on what equipment I should purchase. I need your help.


@Wired2wander did you read the thread $1000 challenge…there is a link there to nice starter kit


I did, but the available tent options fall outside of my height limitations.

@Wired2wander I have and use Vivosun tents, fans and filters…I like and use Marshydro for lights. These are products you will be happy with and not feel like you need to upgrade them during the first grow.

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@Wired2wander I also use Vivosun, have the 4x4 one, fits my 4 legal-limit plants in there (I’m a Canadian eh!). I wish I’d bought the 5x5, same height, which is your limiting factor.

My system…the tent, 1800w COB light, 4’ AC Infinity fan with activated charcoal filter, timers…about $650 Canadian mini-dollars! If you’re real cheap (father-in-law was Scottish, referred to himself as FRUGAL) you can scrounge free buckets (ice cream stores have lots of food-grade they toss, as do grocery chains bakery departments…ask if they have any). So easy to get new, quality setup for under a grand. Another source of doing things on the cheap is @DollarBill !

Welcome to the forum, best lessons you can learn are yours, get growing and set what happens…we are here to help you react to the nasty shit that sometimes happens to our ladies! Just don’t over-react or overthink things, you’ll figure out what works for you and your environment as things progress, and you will get better and better results each time.


Should probs have asked some other pertinent things before you splurge…

Are you in a legal grow state, or one that limits how many (or how many mature) plants you can have?
Are you paranoid about getting busted by cops/neighbours/kids/landlord?
What’s your consumption rate? Don’t want to grow 10x more than you can smoke, or 1/3 of what you need either!

My last grow…4 clones, planted Aug 13, flipped from 18/6 to 12/12 Oct 1, chopped on Xmas day. Yield was 12 oz of yummy bud. I can good ounces at the dispensary for $100, so I figure I’m saving $1200 on weed over the next 6 months. My investment was under $700, and I think I worked out the electric bill to be just over 200?? So my initial outlay for all the equipment PLUS the cost to do my first indoor grow yielded MORE weed than I would have been able to buy! My next crop is damn near free! Looking at things this way, spend the extra money and get good lights, like the MARS hydro’s…that’s one item that varies in quality more than costs, and these lights will last for years!

Only automation I use is a timer for my lights…I hand water them, usually daily once they get going. But you can’t help but tend to them daily! They are in my garage which is where I am allowed to puff, so after smoking one, I usually just have to go see how they’re doing! Even days they don’t need anything, I’m still ogling them like a minor in a peeler bar!

Oh, there’s a lot of people that think autos do need a bit of rest…20/4 will give them a break and also cut your electric use by 18%. You’ll read conflicting opinions, read the reasoning and YOU decide! I don’t do autos, thinking this summer I might put some in the hills, but then I will use Mother Nature’s automation for light schedule!

Also didn’t realize my 4x4 was 80" tall. Vivisun does make a 4x3 tent 72"


All I grow are autos. I do not want to get deep into equipment except for a couple of things. Put your money into your lights. Don’t go crazy with it but the cheaper brands will just cause you to up grade. Mars hydro is a good light. So are spider farmer etc. Make sure the coverage is adequate for both veg and flower. I generally use vivosun for tents, filter, basically a kit without lights. My 4x4 and accessories cost me around 400 bucks. I use a 2x4 for veg and my 4x4 for flower. The soil ffof is what I use although I sprout in happy frog. Some autos struggle with ffof being too hot nutrient wise. The 2 most important things for autos are your lighting and ph. If those are off anything else we do will be minimally effective. I run my lights 18 on 6 off. They seem to respond well to the rest. Welcome and grow well


@spudgunner , unfortunately I am not in a legal state. However, I don’t have to worry too much with small grows as I do have privacy.

Personal consumption is around 1/4 per month. I’m hoping to grow something with lower THC, high CBD.

I’m currently having to mix THC/CBD bud manually. So I’m looking to have a little more control over what I’m smoking.


@MoOG thats the same method I have planned. Sprout with Happy Frog then move over when transplanting.

For this grow I’m going to be limited to either a 2x4 or 3x3, with that much space and 4 plants would I be ok with one light or should I splurge for the second light? If two lights are needed I am looking at purchasing one of each brand you mentioned above.

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@Wired2wander check out Super Skunk and or Super Skunk #1 both have CBD naturally

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@Wired2wander you can get the 2x4 or the 3x3 kit. Max height 72 inches. Same website as link.

You could potentially fit 2 2x4s or a 2x4 and 3x3 in there with space to move around.


@Wired2wander what flavor profile and effects are you looking for? I’ve been growing and experimenting with high cbd cultivars a lot lately and can easily suggest something that will suit your needs.

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@MDBuds I prefer lemon and pine.

As far as effects I’m looking to have a strain I can use for daytime pain relief while boosting energy as well as a nighttime strain that will help with sleeping.


@Wired2wander cbd white widow (photo and auto), cannatonic , cbd diesel, and other similar strains. They can be used in small doses during the day and help with fatigue and pain. In higher doses at night after the initial uplift fades they can help promote sleep.

You can also control the effects more by harvesting. You can harvest some at 100% milky white trichomes with no amber for day use and shoot for about 20% amber for night time/evening use to get some cbn to help promote sleep.

All of these cultivars have lemon/citrus and pine/wood terpene profiles as well.


@Wired2wander if you’re going for autos there aren’t many high cbd ones available yet but seedsman has a decent growing selection. Homegrown has a few but not quite what you’re looking for.

Low/no cbd ones that fit what you’re looking for though are amnesia haze auto and lemon drizzle auto. Amnesia haze for day lemon drizzle for night.


Hhey wats up familly…can yu guys start posting pucs of plants please…i wanna see wat we got going on. N also guiding mi.


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