Outdoor SCROG need guidance

Any suggestions about screen height, strain, or anything else helpful. Want to grow short, wide, high yield (and THC), healthy beauties I can be proud of. Here’s my last 7 ft plant. Only just over 2oz. Also, first ever grow for me. Leave me a clue. Thanks. Northeast Texas



@SouthernSmoker for outdoor scrog use a trellis set about 1 foot above the ground. (I like using the wooden trellises for ivy or other vine plants) You lst the plant and then just guide the branches through the trellis at ground level topping, fimming, and pruning where needed.

Depending on the cultivar you can easily weave a plant through that covers 10 or more square feet of trellis on its own.

Then when the flowering comes each branch usually doesn’t get more than about 2 to 3 feet tall unless you’re growing a monster sativa then you can still get single branches almost 5 to 7 feet tall even with training to the ground.

It’s why I suggest topping then fimming the branches that pop up through the trellis so you can maintain the height and keep it discreet.


@MDBuds is spot on
I grow mostly INDICA heavy strains as they grow shorter than Sativa dominants but I do grow both
Instead of trellises, I buy bamboo sticks (6’ -cheap at local hardware store -Lowes)…make 4 corners, then use pipe cleaners to cage it. Across width then across length. All I need to do is build a second or 3rd tier to continue raising it as plants grow. Photo period plants allow me to really control the canopy.
Alternatively, you could grow autoflower strains…more dwarf like than photo period strains…Even the sativa dominants can stay pretty short (in comparison)
you can GOOGLE shortest strains / High THC or CBD…depending on what you want to accomplish


Sounds good, try and post pictures