Outdoor Runtz. Help!

I put a first generation clone of Runtz outside after it was say 2 months old after cloning. We are at prob 14.5-15 hours of daylight right now in Ohio. It has started to flower already! I don’t understand how.
Is this going to be detrimental if I let it go too long? Should I bring it inside and put it on a strict 12 on 12 off period? I just don’t wanna lose this monster. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!! Stay safe all

I’ll bet you had it on an 18-6 light cycle. When you went outside, the abrupt change to 14 hours of daylight seemed like autumn, so it started flowering. I’d just leave it outside. The days will be getting slightly longer for the next week, but likely not enough for this plant to reveg. Use the powerful natural light to finish your baby. I think you’ll be fine. Good luck!

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U are the man. I think u are exactly right. I got these clones and we had a cold spell for almost 3 weeks. So I nursed them under a 1000 watt HPS light. And then moved them outside. So that is what happened. But I wonder why the other plant (diff strain) didn’t do the same? Thanks for the knowledge. I greatly appreciate u. So will it not be done til October then still? Or could I cut down earlier I wonder? Thanks again

Either they will reveg outside or they will continue to flower, in which case they’ll be ready in the 8 to 12 weeks that your strain takes.

So you don’t think it will stress it and produce seeds or have come out with a bad yield?

I wouldn’t worry about it. Nature will take its course. You’ll subject them to more stress by fiddling around too much. You’ll have a lower yield than you would have if this didn’t happen, but it did, so live and learn. Good luck to your girl!