Outdoor plant sexing season is here

Remember to all you outdoor growers. Now is when you need to keep a close eye on your plants that are grown outdoors. Only one male can ruin your whole crop.


Awesome advice. I may add that if you live in a hot climate like Oklahoma check plants daily top to bottom to avoid heat induced hermie. When daytime highs exceed 95f it can happen even with solid genetics.

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And for those who are more visual… check the tops of the main branches where the new leaf and branch form. A Calyx (egg sack) with pistols (white hairs) are a good indication it’s a girl. I’m devoid of males so I can’t provide a visual but will lack the white pistols and the sack will most often hang down. :blush:

HCC Pure Indica Outdoor Grow 8 weeks from seed
First signs of flower 3rd week of July.

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@RandomNirvana thanks for info & visuals. your girls look good.

Happy growing