Outdoor odor abatement

Hey there, I thought this was a relevant topic now that we’re in the middle of summer outdoor season. I cut and paste this from an old gelato discussion thread many months ago. The thread got off topic and started to talk about skunk. My final thoughts on skunk were about odor abatement outside. I thought this was an important topic to have its own thread. Sorry about the repost.

And honestly I can’t wait to hear what everyone else’s ideas are on this topic. Always so much more to learn…

I love to grow skunk. It treats you well outside too. The only problem is you can smell it 3 blocks away even before flower. Not discreet. I have tried cat piss before too, but skunk is the smelliest I have ever came across. I don’t use it much anymore due to my wife’s often complaints to the complaint department. She handles fruity and citrus smells wafting much better.

Sorry (mike) to go on a tangent, but outdoor odor tricks if you are growing skunk. Lavender and rosemary. Rosemary is evergreen and clones easier than any plant. Just stick cut ends in dirt and forget about it. Just rough it up a lot and it will smell like a rosemary farm all week long. They can get big too like a hedge.

Lavender grows easy and it’s foliage and flowers smell lovely and help cover the canna skunk odors. Lavender also clones like a dream. I mention this because it’s always $$$ at he garden shops. I don’t know why since it clones so easy. Also it stays evergreen most places that don’t pile up the snow. Rough up the lavender foliage too, often. Smells lovely.

If you can clone cannabis then you can absolutely clone Rosemary and Lavender. Sage, it smells great too, but it’s not as consistent. The leaves are not as loaded with terpenes evenly throughout the year. It smells strongest in the spring while in flower.

I plant both heavily in all the front public places around my lot. And out back too. Lavender is also a FAVORITE for bees. Cat nip too if you are thinking bees. Cat nip is by far the most popular bee plant in my yard and I never see it on bee lovers plant lists. The bees choose catnip over flowering cherry trees even. It is a Bee magnet


Outdoors you cant do much to stop your plants from stinking, as the female plant matures and grows flower it stinks more and more to let any male plants in the area to realise there pollen, they want to reproduce is all, the smell allso attracts deer who would like nothing more than to have a late night snack on your grow, you cant do much about the smell but we have tried various things to keep deer away, rope off your grow & attach bells to the rope but they can jump 12ft high so once they learn there is no danger they will ignore the rope and bells, you can put wolf or coyote urin around your grow but it’s expensive and has to be re applied after rain, now we put our grow in between 2 dog runs and leave them out at night no problem since, this is a pic of master kush a deer got at, even if you could not smell your grow deer can, they have a very good sence of smell that is why you hunt them downwind, if your running an illegal grow dont grow skunk it will attract rippers, starting October 1rst we are legally allowed to grow 6 plants, things are going to change around here.


Sage, rosemary, lilac, lavender…all pretty common to my region and growing in abundance on my property but…and yes, the big but, when we move over into flowering, especially mid to late, there is NOTHING that hides that odor. My yard happens to back up to the street and in Vegas, we have minimum 6’ walls surrounding our properties. When in bloom, I walked outside my neighborhood and I could smell it like 5/6 houses away…that gives me about a range of a dozen houses, 6 on each side, to where the smell emanates…making it a little too indistinguishable to “where it is coming from”. But every jogger, dog walker, walker can smell it…no getting over that.I do try to stay with less odiferous strains