Outdoor IPM - An ounce of prevention

Getting serious about IPM this year. Besides a few caterpillars, thrips and aphids I have been plagued by “Sharpshooters” sharpshooter incect - Google Search this year. The net will keep the adults at bay as well as the moths and butterflies.

Girls are now between 4 and 8 weeks into flower. 300 Lady Beatles should arrive in a couple of days and we are going to have a release party lol.


Nice setup!! Keep us posted & happy growing

that looks like a great idea, as long as that screen allows enough airflow that should work great.

@mikes mentioned about airflow; you could rig a fan if needed.

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@mikes Yes the mesh allows for ‘pretty’ good air flow, the flowers sway when there is slight breeze. Hope it holds up to the infamous Santa Ana winds we get in the fall. I have a backup net just in case.
@Adcrag I was thinking of adding a fan, thanks to your comment I did that today :slight_smile:
Still waiting on the Lady Beatles