Outdoor Grow “Detectable” Range

Curious about growing outdoors and am wondering in your experience how far away might someone smell maturing plants? In terms of radius…50’, 100’, 500’? My proposed sight is in the middle of 10 square acres and 500’ +- the nearest property line.

Thanks in advance for any information!

In most conditions, 500 ft is enough to minimize anything. More than about 100 ft it’s unlikely to be more than a whiff now and then.


@Northcountryguy Thanks! I was thinking it would be far enough away. Maybe I try it out next year.

My biggest concern would be site security. Lord help you if some twelve year olds find your crop and word gets to the parents….


@OhanaFarmer this honestly really all depends on the cultivar you are growing. Some don’t smell enough for it to be a concern. Some smell like a dumpster fire in a compost bin.

So what cultivars are you contemplating growing outdoor?

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@MDBuds at this point I don’t really have a preference as I am in the exploratory phase.

I understand some cultivars are better suited for outdoor grows and my climate may further limit my options.

My average temperature and humidity:

Highs of 90F/70% in July
Lows of 50F/60% in October

Some peak temps might bump 100+ as it has this past week.

Are there Cultivars that can take handle the higher temps with 15+ hours of sunshine in Veg?

I do love exploring the possibilities.

@OhanaFarmer those higher temperatures and humidity seems like a good sativa would work well. Many of them have some nice herbal, fruity, and earthy smells too that would still get fairly pungent but are hardly recognizable as cannabis if the neighbors catch a whif. Some of the newer hybrid indicas that are narrow leafed and not as dense might do well too.

Moby Dick would be a good one but that one can grow up to 15 feet tall or bigger given the right environment so if size is an issue something smaller maybe. Smells like lemons and pine with some vanilla notes mostly. Hardly recognizable as a cannabis smell.

Chellakutti (a good Indian landrace sativa) can handle the higher temps and humidity. This one is a monster too though. 15 feet tall or more so she’d need a lot of topping or bending. She flowers about 15 weeks too though so if winter gets below freezing there you might have to chop her early. Smells like incense and herbs. (One of my personal favorites and I’m doing a breeding project with it)

Diesel cultivars would do well though they usually have a very strong odor that is hard to cover up. They’re usually much shorter than the others I mentioned though and usually don’t get much bigger than 7-10 feet. Smell like fuel, skunk, earth, etc…

White widow would do decent as well. Pretty hardy indica variety. Can grow up to about 7 feet as well outdoor. Smells like pungent earth and citrus mostly. Some of them can get a little skunk though.

There’s a lot that can thrive there honestly. Any preference you have would definitely help narrow the hunt.

@MDBuds honestly, tackling a 15 footer is intimidating to me and if I have to choose, I will take the 7-10 footers all day long. I like White Widow so that may be the best choice for me at this point.

I am prepping for my next tent grows (Gelato auto, Dee lite auto, Magnum auto and Grape Killer 99 feminized). Hopefully these grows will build up my confidence level to be able to take on an outdoor grow next year. This whole process is very exciting for me.

I am so glad I found this forum!
I appreciate your help.