Outdoor Grow - Autos

Outdoor Grow - Autos

  • Doing a large scale Auto run to kick the outdoor season off. I do see some challenges ahead before planting and wanted to see what you guys thought/from others experience.


  • Bruce Banner
  • Gelato
  • GG4

Challenges growing in 7a planting zone -

Any suggestions are welcome

  • Starting from seed
    • preferences on starting?
      • Germ then Plant
      • Just put it in the ground
      • Germ to seedling then plant
  • Soil Amendments and Structure
    • Soil pH @ 6.8 but a really good amount of sandy spots that will be tilled. Cover cropped past 4 years and still seeing lower yields in these regions.
      • Peet Moss the sandier spots?
    • Flip side is it has some very heavy clay spots that can hold only water grass. The edges of these spots produce the biggest yields each year.
    • 4’ White Side up Black down Biodegrade mulch layer plastic with Drip
      • 46 - 10 - 10 NPK hopper fert when laying
    • Insect netting hooped
      • still shopping 9.2’ wide or 14’ wide 20 gram (90% Sun passthru)
        • where do you guys shop for yours ?
      • Go heavier Insect netting gram for 7a plant zone? Gets super sunny and curious if shade would help me increase yield
      • Fun Fact - Yes, Raccoons ate some of my plants last year. Couldn’t believe it, the natural topping technique lol.
  • Well Water - Unlimited Supply Automated system
    • I have been going straight water with Autos, or should I tea/dose?
    • Current Water Readings (in ppm and Moisture in %):
    • Moisture levels to maintain typically in a sandy loam ?
      • I have been doing very little watering in these regions and plan to pick it up this year. Couple test runs have suggested maintaining 13 - 15%

Thanks in advance for even reading this far


I will answer some to the best of my ability but hopefully, others will chime in
Outdoors - I start in soil, no transplanting
Soil at 6.8 is perfect. Water at 5.5 will amend itself in the soil -self correcting
Clay soil - In LV NV, we have plenty clay soil…
Amending your soil properly can overcome heavy, compacted clay and get it back on track for healthy lawn and garden growth. Adding materials such as organic compost, pine bark, composted leaves and gypsum to heavy clay can improve its structure and help eliminate drainage and compaction problems. Stick to compost or materials that compost quickly. Materials that compost quickly include well-rotted manure, leaf mold and green plants
Peat / Coco / great for soil looseness and drainage
Vermiculite - helps sandy soil retain water
Super sunny - I live in Las Vegas, desert - we get 115f+ temps…temps are not the same as sun. Photon level of sunlight is 2000…Unless you magnify it, not too much
Well water - those numbers are great except when you go in to flower, that N level is pretty high. During flowering phase, N is to be reduced…maybe bring in and dilute with RO or distilled
Moisture levels- if too low, simply water more often, if too high, water less. If retention causes root rot, amend soil with sand / clay to even it out…you seem to have both so mix it up
Get your compost pile in order. You should be able to add everything together to get a perfect living soil

Sorry as this is all I can think of at this time


Thank you very much! I didn’t think to having to dilute given the natural Nitrogen during flower.

Self correcting pH and amendments all reassuring.

All really good info! And thank u very much for the reply