Outdoor bugs are bad

Worms eating plants around bottom of my plants it’s awful what do I do

Yikes I’ve never heard of that. I don’t doubt it, but it definitely needs some more explaining. Or pictures?
Are you talking about the mutant mushroom head worms? From Asia? Or are you talking about extra big long worms that I also read about in the news from Asia that eat our native earth worms for fun? Or are you actually talking about caterpillars? Those motherfuckers can eat some plants. If it’s caterpillars BT (Bacillus Thuringiensis) will wipe them out. If it’s mutant invasive worms, I have no idea. I will keep my eyes peeled to see what others think about those.

If you catch one of the worms in question you can test it like they tested killing the alien in Aliens. Maybe just skip the flamethrowers.You can spread some pepper sauce see what happens. You can spray it with some ammonia see what happens. I try sprinkling some salt granules and see if that dissolves it like a slug. Don’t over salt by the plants though. Yikes worms I don’t know if I even heard of that before.

Litte white worms ate around stalk a base about 1 quarter or more way in all round now its plum wilted gona loose it I’m sure never seen nothing like it myself in 20 years of growing

that is larvae that hatched…you gotta get some beneficial bacteria in that soil…If you have any food grade DE…use until you get the bacteria in
I sell an organic product that many have used on this site. HGCC also has a product for insect control in the soil.
Please, do not use dangerous chemicals / insecticides or pesticides…no reason to NOT HAVE 100% organic non-GMO products at this point in time…all that other junk will eventually peter out as growers get more savy

What is food grade de

diatomaceous earth food grade…also could use silica sand…mix with top layer of soil and also cover THE TOP OF THE SOIL AROUND THE PLANT. Silica Sand is quartz that over time, through the work of water and wind, has been broken down into tiny granules. As a ground cover, insects exoskeletons are pierced if they go on it…water does not reduce its efficiency like it will with DE…DE must be reapplied after getting wet and is dangerous to breathe

You can crush egg shells a and cover soil around plant .

Sorry about your plant @Ronniepaul55. I had never dealt with anything like that before so I figured I’d sit back and learn what I could from the experts. I did try to look into what they could be, since I want to be vigilant and prepared for any problems I might encounter with my girls.

The closest thing I could find to the symptoms you’re describing was root maggots. I saw in another post of yours that your girls were stunted this year compared to what you were used to. I think they might have been attacking for some time.

The DE now is probably too late - you would have had to prevent the flies from laying the eggs in the first place.

Do some research on them and see if it seems like what you were seeing. If that’s what it is, then it’s going to be a pest that’s present in your area and you’ll need to be ready. Some recommendations I found were using DE applied to the soil in the seedling stages, or the floating row cover fabric.

It said they like to go after root veggie crops. Another idea might be to plant some of those next year to hopefully act as “trap” plants.

Sounds good to me I will that’s what they looked like little maggots maybe wont get others thank you for the help

What you mean by cover soil

Not sure if proper name for them old timers call them cut worm

means to make a layer on top of your soil…cover soil

What would be best sand

try this
click here for amazon silica bag

Thank you for the help