Out door grow please help

Out door grow need help my plants growing very slow for some reason last year they was 6 feet tall by now they only 2 foot

Hi Ronnie and welcome! What strain are you growing? Did you recently transplant? How old are they? It is a pain to get pics on here when first posting but this will help others find a solution. Thanks and happy growing!

Blue dream bout 3 months old we had a bad cold snap late I use lotus brand nutes

Growing blue dream had abad cold spell for week last month

A little N or blood meal might kick start the growth again, unless your roots are not taking up nutes. @Noddykitty @Mrb53004 @MDBuds Any suggestions?

I put down some recharge in soil bout 2 days ago and worm casting

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My grow is also “runtized”. My problem is my soil. It will not drain and the plants, though given a minimum of water, are all slowly drowning in wet soil that will not dry. How often are you watering, how much and into what size pots? Also where are you and what do you consider a cold snap? My culprit I’ve deduced is the left over rhizomes from organic growing with supplemental mychorhizae. Thinking I had a soil born disease after all my first plants failed this year, I dumped it all out and raked it over and over in the sun for a week. I inadvertently broke all the leftover rhizomes into a fine dust that I think also is water retentive making the soil anaerobic, chocking the plants slowly. I’ve started over three times this season! Adding more perlite and pumice each time to increase drainage to no avail. I busted up my shoulder in a bicycling accident and can’t start again this year!! I’m looking into a product that is supposed to break down leftover roots chemically. I hope it will work on rhizomes! I’ll be back to post about it’s efficacy. Good luck!

Got down 39 degrees for week in southeast missouri growing in the ground mixed in potting soil they pretty just sort and bushy never had this problem in 20 years

They have already been added at half strength since the plants are so small. Thanks

think about wicking. When I grew hydro, we would start in rockwool cubes. 2" to start and that got inserted into a 6" which got inserted into 12" and sometimes placed on a rockwool flat. I do the same with some of my plants now. I bury a small pot in a larger pot. The roots will go DOWN to get the water after a little coaxing. Then you only have to water the bottom tier and the upper is just to serve as a support. After the season, you can recycle the uppers

Can you use rockwool outdoors it’s like 95 here humidity is awful I try keep fan on them when can

Strange question…Why would you use rockwool outside? It requires nutrition as it is a blank substrate. It requires constant watering, like coco or peat…sometimes even 3 x a day in high heat. Are thy in pots, the ground…You can use it anywhere as long as you maintain the needs of the substrate…by the way, none of us know where “HERE” is, most of us are stoned… :laughing:


Never grown indoors always out side to me if you dont know then there is no dumb questions here is missouri


I’m fairly certain I have the reason for my over-water retentive soil. That soil had two seasons of organic, mycorrhizal enhanced grows behind it. Even though the old roots of those grows came out easily during recharge, the minuscule fungal thread mass remaining was broken down, raked in the sun (thinking I had a soil born disease) dozens of times for several days, into tiny sponges, holding water and excluding airflow. This explanation covers the yellowing lower leaves, slow growth, and over-rich green color even though the plants have received only a minimum of water. I even thought this leftover material would make good fertilizer, so I raked away. Yes, it has also been cool this season in SoCal Coastal but that would not cause all these symptoms. Starting over is out of the question again (after 3 attempts already) and now that I’ve messed up my shoulder I’m physically unable to repot again. I will have to let these slowly fade away while I work on my theory. I’ve been in touch with a company that makes a product designed to break down leftover root mass in soil. Perhaps it can break down the leftover fungal mass as well, and then by adding only large particulate materials back in achieve a useful soil.

I’m probably about to kick myself for saying this, but I’ve got nothing else better to do.

Sounds like your Earth is dead. Why don’t you make that part you are fighting so much a decomposition bed by piling Stinging Nettles, Valerian, Echinacea, etc. Same herbal medicines we take are prescribed for the Earth. Just a thought, unless it’s just a Figment of the Imagination and in that case, it’s non-existent anyway outside of my own Thoughts.

But, seriously, the Struggle is Real. Give your Self a break. :v:

You and Ron must be neighbors then, lol. The statement I made was in response to his answers to previous ponder by myself, thanks!

Yeah I got compost pile started for next I’m thinking the same thing maybe better next year I hope

Yes indeed my soil is dead. Asphyxiated by fungal mass. A “water line” test in a clear cup proved it. The aerating additives all raise to the top very quickly leaving a higher and higher water line. As I have pointed out, I sabotaged my own soil by: adding in too much mycorrhizae in previous years and then the coup de gras, raking this soil in the sun dozens of times in my attempt to sterilize it due to the 1st round of failures this year. This breaking the fine fungal threads into dust made the soil anaerobic. I will take some pics to show the difference in the soil from the top then down a few inches. Now my problem is what to do about next year. What can I do with all this dead soil??

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When I make compost, I layer it with:: greens/veg/table scraps/fruit…dried leaves, dry grass clippings and an inch of soil…dead, roots, etc…so basically -N, PK…soil and repeat. the layers are 2-4 inch except for the soil …only 1 inch there. Have to replenish the carbon. If the soil is hydrophobic, have to amend with vermiculite, some peat/coco…an a little biochar. Then add minerals, 4.4.4, malted barley#2…let nature do its thing