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Hello community through so word of mouth many testimonys and unsure of what kind and brand of nutrient line I chose for dwc was dakine 420 good stuff don’t believe it’s 100 % organic how ever I wanted to ask the community if anyone recommends or is a true 100 % organic nutrient line for dwc out there they have used or seen that would give my plants all the true possible pure components the strain or plant might have I would really appreciate the responses thank you great
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Hi @Sirdabzalot I use the General Hydro FLora series with CalMagic and Hydroguard and I am happy with the results… I have to admit this is the only line I have used since I started DWC so maybe there is better but this line has not disappointed me.

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Nice I’m new to EVERY other nutrient line I’ve only used dakine 420 basic nutrient kit but listening to Kronic and research I do believe organic is the best same way I think about food better natural and pure than synthetic and unatural

Also have you ever used Hygrozyme but not sure if it’s the same as hydrogaurd ??

@Sirdabzalot nope never used Hygrozyme…do you ?

Yes it’s this one here but honestly through the whole cycle of learning curves and some issues I couldn’t notice if this made an impact or not :frowning: suppose to clean the root system but my water temps and hp went south so again roots were kind of dark and only saw a little clear up but not healthy white

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You’ll want to make sure it’s a nutrient system that’s designed for DWC. Some of the “organic” ones are specifically meant for use in a “media” or soil. That’s not what you have.

Those ones are basically dry amendment blends mixed with water and maybe some molasses.

I’m not a DWC guy but I don’t think that will work. You need the fertigation salts to create the osmotic pressure that you need to force feed the nutes into your roots.

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@Sirdabzalot so the website for this product says it is for all growing medium types and does more than just inoculate…healthy roots are white and beige in my opinion in DWC.

Check out #VEGAMATRIX nutrient line!:sunglasses: