Ordering seeds when it's illegal in your state

I’m asking this for a friend of mine. He wants to grow cannabis but it is still illegal in his state. Will legitimate sellers ship to non-legal states? He’s nervous and I don’t blame him because I remember when this was how you got your get into jail free card (not that it stopped me from smoking it when it was illegal…way back when you never worried about the joint you passed returning with a viral bump).

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@Reefers legal to ship to any US state as far as I know


A lot of international vendors won’t ship to the US at all, but most US based, including homegrown, will ship to your friends state, no questions asked.

Even in states where it’s now “legal” (ish), it can still be hard to get a license if your last name isn’t “LLC”.


Thanks, CurrDogg420. That’s precisely what I wanted to know. He’s not an LLC, just a guy who wants to spend less money on his intoxicant of choice.


That’s most of us here. Happy growing to your friend.


Yeah, it’s funny, but everything I have spent on my grow, which is with a free seed from a purchase, costs me about what an ounce costs because I didn’t have to by a tent. If I get two ounces out of this, I save money.


@Reefers :v: are marijuana seeds a novelty? The answer is found in the composition of the seeds themselves. When they aren’t germinated, cannabis seeds are not considered drugs, but as adult novelty mementos. You can own any type of collector’s items you would like.Mar 23, 2020


Those seeds could be for CBD? Whose to say?

I live in Ga and have had no problems.